Splitsvilla 13 Contestants Updates: Vyomesh Koul Confirms His Appearance in Splitsvilla X3?

vyomesh koul splitsvilla 13 contestants list

Splitsvilla 13 is just around the corner. MTV India is looking to break the lull after the conclusion of the Roadies Revolution with the most loved dating reality show. While cupid will strike in Splitsvilla X3, the buzz around the contestants’ list is still active thanks to the suspense built around it.

The hosts’ Rann Vijay and Sunny Leone have commenced shooting while the entire contingent of contestants are yet to arrive. However,  six contestants including Kevin Alamsifar and Nikita Bhamidipati will be a part of Splitsvilla X3. Although this season looks promising in all aspects, the virtual audition was a twist in the tale.

The latest addition to the list of contestants for Splitsvilla 13 is Vyomesh Koul. Vyomesh Koul is a noted ISSA Certified Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist. Vyomesh is a definite eye-grabber when it comes to wooing the female audience. If Kevin is looking for some tough competition, it will come from the stud of the show, Vyomesh.

Vyomesh Koul is a transformation specialist aspiring to enter the entertainment industry through his antiques in Splitsvilla 13. Vyomesh Koul possesses a decent social media following of 18.7k followers. It would be interesting to see if Vyomesh hynotizes the babes of Splitsvilla season 13.

Several noted studs including MTV Roadies Revolution winner Hamid have denied participation in the show. Incidentally, Vyomesh Koul participated in the auditions for MTV Roadies Revolution.

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