Splitsvilla 13 Contestants Updates: Riya Kishanchandani Joins the List of Confirmed Contestants for Splitsvilla X3!


Splitsvilla 13 is starting in February 2021 and the buzz around the show is increasing by the day. With the end of the MTV Roadies Revolution, there is a void in Saturday’s reality show slot on MTV India. Splitsvilla X3 will premiere on Valentine’s day and the hosts’ Rann Vijay and Sunny teased social media with their pictures.

Six contestants are confirmed to be a part of Splitsvilla 13. MTV Roadies Revolution contestants, Arushi and Kevin are confirmed contestants. However, Hamid denied being a part of the dating reality show. Hence, the first confirmed couple of Splitsvilla 13 is revealed.

According to reports, the latest update to the contestants’ list of SPlitsvilla 13 is making waves on social media. However, the confirmed list will be announced by MTV Splitsvilla soon. The latest addition to the contestants’ list is Riya Kishanchandani.

Who is Riya Kishanchandani Splitsvilla 13 Contestant?

Riya Kishanchandani is a noted social media influencer. The model cum social media influencer has a stellar following on Instagram. Riya’s follower base on Instagram is 438K. Riya Kishanchandani will be a eye-grabber in Splitsvilla 13 for her impeccable attitude and astute dressing sense. However, will she survive the Splitsvilla journey?

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Riya graduated from the MMk College, Bandra. Riya Kishanchandani hails from Mumbai, India.

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