Splitsvilla 13 Contestants Updates: Ashish Bhatia and Miesha Iyer Fly to Splitsvilla X3 Shooting Site as Voot Hosts!

ashish miesha splitsvilla 13 voot hosts

MTV India’s beloved dating reality show, Splitsvilla is back. After an excruciating wait, the audience can rejoice as Splitsvilla 13 gears up for telecast in February 2021. The host’s Rann Vijay and Sunny Leone reached the shooting location in Kerala. The buzz and excitement around the contestants’ list of Splitsvilla X3 are surging by the day.

According to reports, Splitsvilla 13 starting date will be during Valentine’s day. However, the official confirmation from MTV India is awaited. The popular contestants of MTV Roadies Revolution will be a part of the show. Kevin Alamsifar and Arushi’s Chawla’s love saga will continue in Splitsvilla X3.

The latest update around Splitsvilla is about the winner and runner-up of Splitsvilla 12, Ashish Bhatia, and Miesha Iyer. The duo spent the most time in the previous season as king and queen. After a stellar run last year, Ashish and Miesha are back in Splitsvilla 13. Ashish and Miesha will be joining the crew in Kerala as they are the ‘Voot Hosts’.

Ashish Bhatia and Miesha took to Instagram to share their excitement about being a part of Splitsvilla X3. Ashish Bhatia was in Dubai for a holiday and shared a story on Instagram about his travel to Kerala. Meanwhile, Miesha shared posts from her villa room in Kerala. However, the real purpose of the duo in Splitsvilla 13 is unknown.

ashish Bhatia splitsvilla 13

Sunny Leone and Rann Vijay shared a picture of their flight travel to Kerala which spruced up shooting location rumors.


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