Splitsvilla 12 Winner Priyamvada Kant’s Exclusive Interview After Victory:”My Chemistry With Shrey and Our Understanding Helped Us Win”


Splitsvilla 12 drew to a close on the 17th of January 2020. In an epic clash between the two most sought after couples in the villa, Shrey and Priyamvada, Ashish and Miesha, the Grand Finale of Splitsvilla 12 was an absolute spectacle to watch.

In the end, there is always one winner and it was Shrey Mittal and Priyamvada Kant. Popularly tagged as the cutest couples of Splitsvilla 12, Shrey and Priyamvada enjoyed a lot of fan following throughout their journey in Splitsvilla 12.

Initially Shrey Mittal was attracted to Jinal and Priyamvada became his obvious choice after Jinal accused Shrey for not taking a stand for her. This resulted in Shrey and Priyamvada coming together and eventually winning Splitsvilla 12.


Priyamvada Kant mentioned in an exclusive interview after her victory she was lucky to have Shrey in her life and their lovely chemistry was the reason for their victory. Priyamvada quoted, ““I am super ecstatic on winning the show. Even though I’ve been performing every task well since the beginning, winning was unexpected. Shrey and I had an unparalleled understanding, chemistry and love and that’s what made us win the show. All splitsvillans always supported us and I can’t tell you what a roller coaster ride this journey has been. I’m happy to discover a lot of things about myself in the show. And there’s no better feeling than walking away with the winning title.”


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