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Splitsvilla is regarded as one of the most famous TV reality shows on MTV after Roadies. Roadies was started back in 2003. On the other hand, Splitsvilla started in 2008. It has a good association with MTV. Splitsvilla is dating TV reality show, where eligible singles bond with the people they like/love and compete throughout. The first season was hosted by Nikhil Chinapa. Later, it was hosted by Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone. MTV Splitsvilla is again back with its new season Splitsvilla 12. It’s just 3-4 weeks when the name of the winner has already been announced.

Splitsvilla 12 Winner Name 2019

This reality show is telecasted on MTV and streamed on Voot. The concept of the show is where young boys and girls meet in a place called Villa. Here in this Villa, they bond and form a chemistry. This Villa is well acquainted with the expression of emotions. Be it Love or anger, it has seen all. Fights and Tantrums are too part of this package. There are tasks which they have to perform in order to get their love of life.

The contestants are performing too well in order to find their connections and win the coveted title. But in this process, the name of the Winner has already been doing rounds on the Internet.

To know about the winner, lets look at some details.

Splitsvilla 12 Grand Finale Update

According to the show, a girl and boy are always crowned winners. While in the show, they are called as King or Queen. As stated earlier, there are too many emotions that are expressed, be it jealousy, love, break ups, rivalries or backstabbing.

The King and The Queen have unique powers who can twist the decision by the contestants. Their USP is to compete with other contestants and show them why they are the King & Queen. These contestants fight hard to earn a chance to challenge and dethrone the King & Queen.

King and Queen have the powers to take revenge on the people who argue or fight with them or who don’t deserve to be in the Villa.

Splitsvilla 12 Semi Finalists

Piyush and Arshiya, Bhavya and Uday, Shrey and Priyamvada, Alfez and Aradhana were the semi finalists of Splitsvilla 12.

Splitsvilla 12 Finalists

Shrey and Priyamvada defeated Bhavya and Uday in the Semi Finals to reach the Splitsvilla 12 Grand Finale.

Ashish Bhatia and Miesha defeated Alfez and Aradhna in the Semi Finals to reach the Grand Finale.

MTV Splitsvilla 12 Prize Money & Runner Up

Some seasons saw us that there was complete rule of a queen, while we also saw only 3-4 Queens ruling the Villa without Kings. MTV Splitsvilla 12 premiered on 16th August 2019. The show is hosted by Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone. This season had 15 boys and 10 girls who started the journey to find their ideal matches.

As per the format, the contestants have to perform certain tasks to prove their worth to be the Chosen Ones. Before that, they have to go in front of the Oracle, where the pair will be told whether they are an Ideal Match or not. Oracle is termed as a scientific device which calculates and analyzes which girl or boy is a match to the particular boy & girl. There are two names for the task known as ‘Bae- Watch Session’ and ‘Test Your Bond Challenge’.

As the contestant perform and keep themselves safe, the ones who perform poorly are dumped by the Chosen Ones in the Dome Session.

Splitsvilla 12 Finalist Contestants

This season had a theme named ‘Your Best Shot at Love’

Miesha Iyer

Jinal Sharma

Priyamvada Kant

Aahna Sharma

Alice Ghari

Aradhna Sharma

Hridya Prajapati

Soundarya Thakur

Bhavya Singh

Arshiya Arshi

Ashish Bhatia

Piyush Sharma


Uday Sachdeva

Shrey Mittal

Ankush Kalyan


Shivam Bihari

Anshit Khandelwal


Bhavin Bhanushali

Who will win MTV Splitsvilla 12 Title?

All the contestants are required to make connections, develop their bond in the Villa. There are arguments between our Ideal Matches but if the trust is deep, their bond strength can take them to the coveted title. According to some sources, Ashish Bhatia along with Miesha Iyer can be the winners. They way they have performed and their strong bond can make them the winners.

There is also a pattern which is being followed. The contestants who have been a part of Roadies, eventually some of those also get into Splitsvilla. From Season 8, when Prince won the show, after that all 3 seasons have been won by Ex-Roadies contestants. So eventually, they might follow this pattern.

According to reports, Splitsvilla 12 is won by Shrey and Priyamvada. 

MTV Splitsvilla 12 Winner & Winners of all Seasons

Season 1- Vishal Karwal and Shraddha Haribhai

Season 2- Siddharth Bhardwaj and Sakshi Pradhan

Season 3- Parag Chadha and Riya Bamniyal

Season 4- Dushyant Yadav and Priya Shinde

Season 5- Paras Chhabra and Akansha Popli

Season 6- Mandy Debbarma and Paramvir Singh

Season 7- Mayank Gandhi and Scarlett Rose

Season 8- Prince Narula and Anuki

Season 9- Gurmeet and Kavya

Season 10- Baseer Ali and Naina Singh

Season 11- Shruti Sinha and Gaurav Alugh

Season 12 WINNER – Shrey and Priyamvada

Season 12 RUNNER UP- Ashish Bhatia and Miesha Iyer


At the end, a girl and boy win the prize money and the trophy. They are termed as the King and Queen of Splitsvilla.


  1. Ashis and miesha Ko winner hona chahiye bow dono pehali se bohat a66a performance kiye ,,,but shrey pri ????????????????????

  2. I think shrey and pri deserves to win the splitsvilla meisha aachi hai but
    Ashish kabhi bhi nhi deserve karta fake ????????

  3. Ashish and miesha they win this show
    Realy or ha pri or shrey nahi hone cahiye kyunki phele shrey ke sath jinal thi isliye or miesha or ashish pahele se partner hai pri or shrey bich main bane idel match isliye ashish or miesha he jetene cahiye

  4. I love piyush and arshya, but shrey and priamdha winner splitsvilla x2. I am very ???????????? happy.there also deserve this. Or asish and miyesha also very good strong contestant, but there decision is very wrong.. Good luck shrey pri✌✌✌✌.god bless you.

  5. Comment: I too love Ashish and miesha they deserve to win not shrey and pri they are very chipku type couple I don’t like them at all


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