Splitsvilla 12 9th January Episode Preview: Alfez Returns; Last shot at Semi Finale; Ex-Contestants to play a crucial role.


Last episode, Piyush and Arshiya got saved as the ex-contestants cancelled the voting powers of Chosen Ones. There were lot of heated arguments between The Chosen Ones and Ex-Contestants. Many contestants dug out their issues with Bhavya. She too got involved and gave them a mouthful.

Splitsvilla 12 10th January Episode Highlights – Return of Alfez!

Alfez shall finally return to the Villa. He shall take part in the task before the Semi Finale, to earn the last spot available. It will be interesting to see how does he fare in the task. Alfez’s arrival shall be a boost for Aradhna, who seemed pretty lost while he wasn’t there. No love shall be lost as it shall be battle amongst best friends.


The Chosen Ones need to be careful as there can be a twist where they might get challenged and we may see new Chosen Ones in power. The ex-contestants have nothing to lose as they are here to enjoy and support the couple that they bond with. The ex-contestants might help the couples during their task. Bhavin will try to sort out his differences with Bhavya. It will be interesting to see how Bhavya reacts upon that and what shall Hridya do, once she understands about this.


For all the couples, this is the last shot to earn a place in the Finals. The competition shall get tough now. They will have to forget friendships and brotherly bonds to advance ahead. It shall be interesting to see as to how do they adapt to it. We can expect tensions and arguments taking place between friends. Expect Twists and Turns till the road towards victory. Tune into Splitsvilla every Friday at 7pm only on MTV.



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