SplitsVilla 12 6th December Episode Highlights- Major Twists Result in Bhavin and Aahana Getting Eliminated, Who Won the Bae Watch Task?

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The show starts with a recap of what had happened in the last episode. Ashish and Miesha still are the Chosen Ones.

Splitsvilla 12 Dome Session December 6th Episode Results


There are two couples which are in the safe zone as they helped Alfez and Aradhna in the earlier task.

Piyush and Arshiya

Loka and Bhavya

Rannvijay starts the dome session by congratulating and appreciating the Chosen Ones. Rannvijay informs the safe zone contestants that they can select any one contestant from the danger zone to go with them in front of the Oracle. But there is a twist in this. The contestant who is selected by the Safe Zone contestants won’t be safe.


Rannvijay asks them their decisions. Loka dissolves his power and says, he doesn’t want to go in front of the Oracle. He thinks there isn’t his ideal match over here. Bhavya chooses Uday. Piyush chooses Aahna without any doubt. Last, Arshiya chooses Sambhav.

Soundarya is pissed off with Arshiya’s decision. She defends saying that Sambhav is her connection since Day 1. Arshiya says that she wants to check whether Sambhav can be her Ideal Match or not. She is ready to perform with tasks with him.


Which Couples Will Take the Ideal Match Test In front of the Oracle?

Uday & Bhavya

Piyush & Aahna

Sambhav & Arshiya

Soundarya and Arshiya have a huge fight over this. Bhavya and Piyush too get involved. All four contestants get involved in an argument. Soundarya provokes Arshiya by passing a personal comment. This irks Arshiya and she charges towards Soundarya. They argue face to face. Piyush separates them both.

The safe zone couples have to write on name on the cue cards whom they want to dump from the show. If the particular couple becomes an Ideal Match, then the name that they have written on the cue cards gets dumped. On the other hand, the contestants who are in the danger zone, have to write the name of the couple whom they feel should go in front of the Oracle. Chosen Ones have to write the name of the contestant present in the danger zone.

Uday & Bhavya writes Aahana’s name

Piyush & Aahna writes Soundarya’s name

Sambhav and Arshiya writes Soundarya’s name

Ashish isn’t happy with Sambhav and Arshiya’s decision. He questions Sambhav about having a say in this decision. Sambhav gets hyper and tells Ashish to lower his tune and replies that it was Arshiya’s decision.

All Danger Zone contestants choose Uday and Bhavya to go in front of the Oracle. Uday and Bhavya receive 5 votes. This has happened First time in the history of Splitsvilla, that a couple has received majority of votes.

To everyone’s dismay, Uday and Bhavya become an Ideal Match. Due to this Aahana gets dumped. Chosen Ones write Bhavin name and he is dumped.

Splitsvilla 12 Bae Watch Session November 29th Episode Results

Today’s Bae Watch Session is where all are going to participate. The name of the Session is ‘Hugg De’. There is pun used for the word Hug. Contestants have to answer the question and pour cow dung on the contestants that they feel are deserving as an answer to the question.


Bae Watch Questions on Splitsvilla 12

Who is a Fashion Disaster?

Hridya pours on Priyamvada

Soundarya pours on Arshiya

Priyamvada pours on Hridya

Arshiya pours on Soundarya

Bhavya pours on Hridya

Miesha pours on Hridya

Who is faking his or her connection to stay in this Villa?

Aradhna pours on Bhavya

Ashish pours on Sambhav

Bhavya pours on Alfez

Priyamvada pours on Aradhna

Soundarya pours on Aradhna

Hridya on Miesha

Who is considered to be Joru ka Gulaam?

Sambhav and Alfez pour on Shrey

Ashish, Priyamvada and Bhavya pour on Piyush

Piyush pours on Ashish

Loka pours on Sambhav

Who is considered to be Gutter Mouth?

Arshiya, Aradhna and Hridya pour on Bhavya

Bhavya and Ashish pour on Piyush

During this session, there are constant comments being passed. There is a tussle between Hridya and Miesha where they taunt each other personally. There is also an argument between Ashish and Piyush. Piyush and Arshiya also fight with Bhavya as Bhavya accidentally hits Piyush with the bucket while pouring. Piyush warns her and says that he shall hit Uday. Uday and Ashish argue with Piyush over this. The show ends with the task to be completed in the next week’s episode. Tune into Splitsvilla every Friday at 7pm only on MTV.



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