Splitsvilla 12 3rd January Highlights- Soundarya and Sambhav Get Dumped, Who Will Win the Semi Final Tasks?


Last Episode, we had Splitsvilla’s first Couple Pageant. The Pageant was divided into three rounds. Bhavya and Udya won 2 rounds and were the new Chosen Ones. Shrey & Priyamvada and Sambhav & Soundarya were placed 3rd and 4th respectively. These two couples had to battle each other to earn a spot in the Semi Finale. The other couple will directly go in the dumping zone.

The couples to perform this task are:

Shrey & Priyamvada

Sambhav & Soundarya

Splitsvilla 12 3rd January Episode Test Your Bond (To earn the 3rd Spot in the Semi Finale)

The task name Is ‘Heart Attack’. The couples reached the task location. There were wooden planks which were connected high above. There weren’t wooden planks in the between. The girls had to be on that structure. The boys will be down in the circle. They had to take the ball which will be in the between outside of the ring. Whoever does this, will get 3 chances to break their opponent’s heart with the ball with a sling. The opponent shall defend his heart.

As they break the heart, the girls above shall move forward and pick up the ring by Savya Jewellers and keep it with themselves. They had to make the steps using their own wooden plank. The couples had to choose from the remaining boys to perform for them alternatively. Both Couples wanted Ashish, but Ashish chose to perform for Sambhav & Soundarya. Piyush performed for Shrey & Priyamvada.

Splitsvilla 12 January 3 Test Your Bond Task Results

Shrey wins the first bout. He misses his three chances.

Sambhav wins the second bout. He hits the heart on his second chance. Soundarya moves ahead.

Piyush wins the third bout. Shrey hits the heart on his second attempt. Priyamvada moves ahead.

Sambhav wins the fourth bout. He hits the heart on his second attempt. Soundarya moves ahead.

Shrey wins the fifth bout. He hits the heart on his second attempt. Priyamvada moves ahead.

Ashish wins the sixth bout. Sambhav hits the heart on his second attempt. Soundarya moves ahead.

Shrey wins the last bout. He hits the heart on his first attempt. Priyamvada moves ahead and opens the box to win the task and earn a spot in the Semi Finale.

Splitsvilla 12 January 3rd Dome Session

The Dome Session starts with Rannvijay and Sunny welcoming the New Chosen Ones. Rannvijay wants the unsafe zone couples to pitch in fron of the Chosen Ones. Aradhna is fine if she is dumped today. Bhavya and Aradhna start to argue. Piyush and Arshiya don’t want to pitch in front of Bhavya. He wants Uday to win the show.

Bhavya & Uday dump Piyush & Arshiya.

Suddenly, ex contestants come and be a part of the Dome Session. They all gang up and start arguing with Bhavya. Uday defends her but they all taunt each other.

Rannvijay mentions that the ex-contestants have the power to overturn the Chosen One’s decision. The ex-contestants didn’t know what they have decided, so they had to write their decision on that basis.

The ex-contestants rule out the Chosen Ones decision to dump with all voting against them. Rannvijay tells Piyush & Arshiya that they aren’t dumped for the time being. All other contestants shall vote against the couple that they want to dump.

The contest was between Sambhav & Soundarya and Piyush & Aradhna. Sambhav and Soundarya received 9 votes against them and were dumped. Soundarya and Sambhav thanked everyone as they made a lot of friends.

Sambhav & Soundarya get dumped.

Rannvijay mentions that next will be a competition to earn the last spot in the Semi Finale between two best friends, Piyush & Alfez and Arshiya & Aradhna. The show ends as Piyush and Ashish give a cold stare to each other.






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