Spilling the Beans for the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 Contestants

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 Contestants

The very popular show Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 is trending all over the web. The popular faces have added a lot of spice and glitter to the show. If you want to know your favourite contestant better then here is a little sneak-peek for you. Dive in and find some of the most amazing unknown facts about your favourites.

  1. Abhirami Venkatachalam

The model/ actress who revealed in day 1 that she had a crush on a co-contestant Kavin was left disheartened. The ignorant attitude of Kavin has made her regret about the confession. She is about to star in the movie called Ner Konda Paarvai which is the Tamil remake of Pink.

Abhirami Venkatachalam Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 Contestant

  1. Cheran

The four time national winner Cheran has his own music company called Dream Sounds. Subscribet to the Tamil Weekely magazine called Ananda Vikatan where he shares stories from his personal life.

  1. Saravanan

One of the most entertaining members of the house, Saravanan is rumoured to be the bad boy in real life. In the Red Sandalwood Smuggling case he was arrested but later proved innocent. There was another rumour that he was diagnosed with H1N1. He clarified later that he was completely fit.

  1. Fathima Babu

The charismatic and elegant Fathima Babu is also a brave fighter. She was sexually harassed by the politician M.K. Stalin who has raped more than 300 women. The charges against him were never proved and she had carried herself out of the difficult situation. Now she is entertaining the audience with all her vim and zest.

  1. Losliya Mariyanesan

The Srilankan TV anchor is very popular on the web lately. Soon after she was introduced as a contestant the fans stormed the social media platforms with her fan page. She is a very fluent as TV anchor who is loved for her amicable connect with the audience.


  1. Reshma Pasupuleti

In the era where female actresses found hard to pave their way in the patriarchal mindset of movies, Reshma proved to be the shining star.  It was because of the movie Masala padam that she came out as a rising star. The struggles and humiliation in the initial days of her career made her work harder and get better.


  1. Mugen Rao

The good looking and entertaining Mugen Rao is a real softy in real life. He is afraid of the darkness and doesn’t watch horror movies. Bruce Lee and Dwayne Johnson are his personal favourites.

  1. Sandy

The fit and fine Sandy is grooved on the web pages not only because of his cool moves but also the charismatic nature. He is married to Kajal Pasupathy and has two children. The secret behind his fitness and clean moves is Yoga which he does daily.

  1. Sakshi Agarwal

A girl who dreamed to be an IAS officer ended up being the co-star of the legend Rajinikanth. Not many people know that she is a fitness freak. She has won many medals and awards for her academic excellence.

  1. Jangiri Madhumitha

The quiet and calm looking Madhumita is not so soft in her actions. In an incident earlier she had bitten her neighbour when the latter badmouthed and harassed her multiple times. Though she apologised for her act, it didn’t cost her much trouble.

  1. Kavin

Starboy Kavin has been a charming face in the new season of Bigg Boss. An interesting fact about him is that he dropped out of college in the last semester for his audition by Star Vijay.

  1. Vanitha Vijayakumar

The controversial Vijaykumar has been on the radar of the media houses all along her career. One of her controversial statements revealed that the death of her mother was because of the torture of her father.

  1. Sherin Shringar

Very few people are aware that this popular face appeared on the big screens in her childhood as well. She has starred in the movie called Police dog at a very young age.

  1. Mohan Vaithya

The stories of Mohan playing the Veena is very popular and always trending on the internet. He also has the talent of singing in the female voice.

  1. Tharshan Thiyagarajah

The Mr. Srilanka has a different trajectory in terms of entering the industry. He worked in a tech company for 5 years and also was a model in the college days.


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