Som Shekar caught using mobile phone inside Bigg Boss house? Video goes viral on social media

Som Shekar using cell phone bigg boss

There is a video on social media that shows Bigg Boss Tamil 4 contestant Som Shekar using a cellphone inside Bigg Boss house. This video is discussed among netizens as they are shocked to see a contestant using a mobile phone inside Bigg Boss house.

This video shows Som Shekar adjusting something which appears like he is checking messages on his cell phone. This happened when the contestants were interacting with the host Kamal Haasan during the weekend episode. While Som supporters were saying that he was adjusting Rio’s microphone while others were pointing out that he was using a mobile phone to check his messages against Bigg Boss rules.

Twitter users are coming up with their own versions of cheating by Som, with some opining that it could be a script that prepares the contestant for what questions Kamal will ask. Others even say it’s a device to control stammering.

Bigg Boss season 4 is already filled with controversy, having aired 84 days, and this incident has been a hot discussion among netizens for the past two days. Here is the controversial video:


  1. Who bothers about whether Som was using a cell phone or just rubbing his fingers that had something stuck. We want some good entertainment. It is most disgusting to see contestants coming to some understanding to share points or reduce struggle in tasks instead of fighting & proving their talent. Imagine India & Pak soldiers indulging in some pretentious golmal and cheating everyone instead of really fighting. It will only be dangerous for people of both the countries. An entertainment programme should entertain the viewers and not just satisfy the contestants.


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