Singer Chinmayi confirms that she is not pregnant


Popular singer Chinmayi has commented on her social media page that the news that she is pregnant is being spread on a few YouTube channels.

Singer Chinmayi was married to actor Rahul Raveendran in 2014. It is noteworthy that although Chinmayi is active on the social website, she has never posted photos of her husband and family on the social website. She only posted about social issues on the social network.

She rarely posts photos of her family and has recently shared a wedding photo. In this photo, some people have been posting videos on YouTube channels showing that Chinmayi is pregnant and wearing a ‘Madisaar’ saree.

Singer Chinmayi, who has denied the allegations, has said that she is not pregnant and that no one should spread false news, especially in her personal life. Condemning the publication of such false news to gain more viewership, Chinmayi said that even if the baby is born, she will not share the photo of the baby on the social media site and will not let the child go to the social networking site even after she grows up.



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