Shwetha Tiwari’s Daughter, Palak Tiwari’s Daughter’s Bathroom Video Becomes Viral, Here’s Why!


TV actress Shweta Tiwari’s daughter Palak was recently in the news for her personal life. Shweta Tiwari had accused her husband Abhinav Kohli of domestic violence in front of the media, saying that Abhinav also assaulted and abused her daughter Palak. After the revelations by Shweta Tiwari, the world of TV and Bollywood was stirred up. Amidst all these circumstances, Shweta Tiwari’s daughter Palak was undergoing a lot of mental pressure. But it seems that everything has gone well in her life and she is now living a very relaxed life and now her life is getting normal again. This was revealed by the bathroom video surfaced by Palak, which is currently viral on social media.

Palak, who is the most active on social media, has often shared a bathroom video. In the video, Palak is showing her abs posing while looking at the glass. Palak wrote in the caption accompanying the picture, this pose is called reverse pulta hair. Palak told that this video is of his bathroom. Fans are praising Palak a lot on this video. Some people find their hair to be good. In the video, the initiative looks really beautiful. 

Palak Tiwari has a very strong Instagram follower base of around 292K followers. shwetha-tiwari



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