Shocking reports about Water Storage Level around various lakes in Chennai August 2019

veeranam 2019

Though Chennai had considerable rain during this month of August 2019 it has not worked in favour of various lakes around Chennai which forms the major source of water supply for the city’s population. Mr. Pradeep of TamilNadu Weatherman said”Many would have understood by now that Chennai Water Supply lakes will not see a inch in increase between June to mid October (inspite of excess rains) before start of North East Monsoon. Though it plays a important role in Groundwater recharge and keeping the lakes at saturated level before the start of North East Monsoon.” Here are the details

Veeranam Water Level August 2019

There were two hopes for Chennai Water Supply at start of June. One was Cauvery Water and another was Krishna Water. With Mettur almost full, the Cauvery Water has started reaching Veernam. From almost 0% storage last week, Veeranam has started getting 1100 cusecs inflow (100 mcft) per day. It presently has 436 mcft water against full capacity of 1456 mcft. At this rate, Veernam will be filled up full in next 10 days.

Krishna Water

From less than 5% storage in Somasilla 15 days ago, thanks to historic rains in Krishna Basin after 2009. The water from Krishna has been transferred to Pennar. The storage in Somasilla is 18 tmc now against full capacity of 78 tmc. Once Somasilla reaches 50 tmc water will be released to Kandaleru which is also a big dam with 68 tmc capacity. At this rate, Somasilla will reach 50 tmc in another 15-20 days. Once Kandaleru gets significant water, then water will be released to Poondi.

Remember Chennai Water Supply Lakes (Chemba, Poondi, Puzha and Chola) all put together comes to only 11-12 tmc. Our quota of Krishna Water is 12 tmc. Hopefully we get Krishna Water by Mid October.I dont think so we will get Krishna water in September. By then our NEM will be shaping up.

Next Rain Date for KTC

Next rain date to watch for KTC will be on 28th August. Remember, all these rains are hit or miss types. We never know whether it will be for Southern, Northern or Core City. Before that daily build up of clouds will be seen around evening time with entry of Sea breeze.

Kerala / TN Ghats / Cauvery Catchment

Normal Monsoon rains will continue in Kerala, Nilgiris, Valparai, Cauvery Catchment in coming days while Veppa Salanam rains will be on the wane. There is no threat of floods with these rains as the heavy rains will be isolated here and there and there wont be any widespread stand and deliver rains like the August 1st week rains. So one need not fear these rains.

North East Monsoon 2019

There will lot of basic educative You-tube videos on NEM to be put out in coming days. Plus how our NEM will be this year will be put up with some assumption with facts for people to decide themselves. There will not be any conclusion from my side on NEM. To me NEM cannot be predicted by anyone in this world as it is too erratic and lacks any significant link with any of the tele-connections. Except for MJO. There is going to be very active Arabian Sea this NEM with more cyclones in Arabian sea than normal.

If anyone predicts NEM, then u must know there are only two option, either NEM will fail or NEM will rock. its 50-50. Anyone predicting NEM is purely guessing.


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