Shocking News!! Real reason why Tharshan got evicted from Bigg Boss house?

real reason for tharshan eviction

Tharshan’s eviction from Bigg Boss was a real shocker, it’s a shock even for Kamal Hassan as he even said that Tharshan is his favourite contestant. He couldn’t believe that people would have voted against Tharshan as majority of online polls including TheNewsCrunch’s poll shows that 79% people want Tharshan to be in finals and not be eliminated from the house. Also Tharshan has given his first statement via Instagram after getting evicted from the house

“Hey Friends, Receiving love from the people whom we have never met is the best feeling. Today is the best day of my entire life and I have realised and felt the love, support and warmth from people who never knew me.

This is the best gift I’ve ever received, for which I’m so grateful to Bigg Boss 3. I have no words to express my gratitude towards each and everyone of you who have considered me as your family and supported me throughout these 98 days. I really feel the love in my heart. I’ll meet u guys soon! Please bear with me.”

tharshan eviction poll

Tharshan Eviction real reasons

There are news coming from sources that Tharshan was evicted because there cannot be more than one person from a same country in top 3 and since Tharshan and Losliya are from Sri Lanka Bigg Boss had to choose one of them. Since Kavin has already walked out of the show, losing Losliya would be a big drop in TRP, hence they decided to evict Tharshan. Also the vote count of Tharshan and Losliya were almost the same as Kavin’s fans have voted to save Losliya in the end which brought her closer to Tharshan. Since Mugen is from Malaysia and Losliya, Tharshan from SriLanka they cannot have all top 3 contestants from another country than India as this would not make Indians happy, hence they evicted Tharshan.
tharshan eviction fans unhappy
Tharshan’s eviction has created a ripple and everything related to Tharshan is trending on social media. He has won the hearts of people and this would be a greater win for him than winning Bigg Boss 3 Title.


  1. The reasons logic seems to be foolish and not to the level of international organizers. If this is the reason think of Shilpa Shetty an indian winning UK programme. Dear friends we need to come up on our rationale thinking.

    • Bigg Boss has made us to think on those terms only!! Otherwise why would a person who was leading till Friday 27th Sept 2019 Mid night would be evicted!! Why was Sherine protected Thrice?She got the least number of votes every time she was nominated for eviction!!! Please tell me as to how I could change my rational thinking!!

  2. This is all pre determined. Vijay t.v. Is playing dirty game and this is not justifiable. Among all, darshan performed very well. He is not cunning like sandy. Its really shame on Vijay t.v.. They protected d kavin so far even after he shamelessly played only with girls. He himself got evicted after taking 5 laks addl amt just for his sighting job..we won’t watch Vijay t.v. Here after. For kamal is concerned, he never mind abt hvg more than one affair as his character is like that. That’s y , he always supported d immoral people.

    • First Vijay TV knows how to create TRP with anyone… Please think 100 days ago , tharsan or losliya was nobody … today .. their somebody to you .. who created it BB3/vijay tv …, Please they do not evict some person for TRP… The Web site you are looking are run by individual who can easily manipulate things and the the data is for whole world. But BB3 voting allowed in India and it is also limited per day ….

      So pls pls grow up people …. Sandy , Sharin are from India – How come Two people there in the same country or then you will say sherin from Karnataka — Grow up man ..

      • Yes, vijay tv knows how to create trp. They do illogical things anytime they want to do. This is not only in BB show but in most cases

  3. Bigg boss is a false game.Because Vijay T.V evicted Tharshan.
    Tharshan is a tough contestant.He is a good player.
    Tharshan’s fans didn’t expect this moment including me.I’m waiting to see Tharshan in silver screen.I hate to be a fan for the cinema stars.But first time I like and proud be a Tharshan’s fan.

  4. No one will watch Big boss most of them are fed up with their decision in evicting Tharshan. Not a fair game to keep losliya n throw tharshan who deserved

  5. Tharshan is a real hero by heart.losliya may be daydreaming that she actually deserves to be in.but soon within a week reality will strike her hard that she was inside not because of people. Her own family will explain the truth.tharshan u won the hearts of people.


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