Shocking News!! Paras Chhabra gets a body massage from Shehnaz Kaur Gill in Bigg Boss 13 house watch video

bigg boss 13 october 2 paras body massage

Not even a week has elapsed since Bigg Boss 13 that every single color has been seen in the house in these days. Tonight, Bigg Boss is about to give the first luxury budget task to the householders and during this task there will be a lot of uproar in the house. Well in the meantime, there will be something in the house that the viewers will just be left watching.

Yes, the makers have shared a video of today’s episode, in which Paras Chhabra is seen taking a massage from Shehnaaz Gill. In this video, Paras Chhabra appeared in the video, saying to Shehnaz that you massaged Asim but you did not massage me. There is a long talk between Paras and Shehnaz Gill about the massage and finally Shehnaaz accepts Paras and gives him a massage.

Watch this funny video of Bigg Boss 13 below
Paras had argued with Shefali
In the last episode itself, there was a lot of tension between Paras and Shefali. When Paras had called Shefali Bagga as Cry baby, crossing all limits, Shefali raised a finger on his character.

Paras has got the honor of a cultured playboy
He has already received the title of Sanskari Playboy before Salman’s show Bigg Boss 13. In the last few hours, he has got so mixed with all the girls in the house that everyone keeps hovering around him. For the moment, it has to be seen how far Paras goes in this show?

Paras’s Girlfriend has said this
Recently, while speaking to Bollywoodlife, Paras’s girlfriend Ankaksha Puri said that she has great faith in her Paras. He will never break my heart for a game show. Well it has to be seen how much Paras can maintain this trust of his girlfriend.


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