Shocking Gandi Baat fame actress Gehana Vasisth is critical and is fighting for life in hospital

Gehana Vasisth

TV actress and lead star of the web series Gandi Baat, Gehana Vasisth, has been admitted to the hospital in unconscious condition this morning. Her condition was very critical. Suddenly the Gehana Vasisth fainted while shooting a web series suddenly at around 4.30 am on the previous day. After this, he was admitted to the hospital in Mumbai in the same disgraceful condition and since then he was in ICU. Is admitted to Gehana Vasistha’s condition is extremely critical. According to the doctors, at this time there is a fight for life.

It has been reported from the hospital that his condition is quite serious and he has been kept on ventilator and other life saving machines. Information about this has been received from a Spotboye report. According to the report, the doctors have described the situation of Gehana Vasistha as very serious. Doctors have reported, “She is not responding well to treatment and is having trouble breathing.” We put them on the ventilator so that they continue to receive oxygen properly. You can call her condition very serious now but she is our watchdog. ‘

Doctor Pranav Kabra of the hospital has given this information to a reporter. According to the report, due to the shooting of a bold scene, Gehana Vashisht had not eaten anything for the past 36 hours. She was a diabetic patient and had not eaten anything healthy.
Doctors said, “The information we have received so far is that Gehana Vashishth was shooting for the past 48 hours and that too without eating anything healthy. He has been admitted to the ICU and we are doing some tests. She was a patient of sugar and her sugar level was very high while BP was very low. We can’t say anything right now and we are waiting for the tests. We have been told that she was working only with energy drinks and was also taking some medicines for sugar. We cannot say for sure whether it is the effect of the medicines that he took. We have to wait for the tests. ‘


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