Shivani’s mother’s behaviour inside Bigg Boss house has mixed reactions among netizens

Shivani Narayanan mother controversy

The Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 has suddenly become a topic of discussion due to Shivani’s mother’s controversial entry into Bigg Boss house. This year, the show has reached its final stage as various controversies and problems have arisen.

In today’s episode, Shivani Narayanan’s mother came to the Bigg Boss house. When she arrived, she went straight to Shivani alone without talking to anyone else and started abusing her with words. She furiously said, “Why have you come? Tell me why you have come into Bigg Boss’ house. You didn’t play the game individually rather stuck to Balaji all the time. Are you a servant to Balaji? I am so angry that I might beat you. You didn’t make us proud, and we are getting trolled for your behavior inside Bigg Boss house.” Shivan’s mother even used some unparliamentary words censored by Vijay Tv when she talked to Shivani.

Although Shivani’s mother speaks out of concern for her, many netizens are not happy with her behavior. Tamil film director CS Amuthan has expressed this opinion on Twitter: ‘I just happened to watch the Big Boss episode. That was clearly normalizing extremely toxic parental abuse. No..No come on, that’s not acceptable content at all.’

While others are supporting her reaction and call it a genuine concern of a mother for her daughter.

Some even refer to it as a strategy to gain sympathy votes as Shivani is in danger of eviction this week.



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