Shivani’s mother enters Bigg Boss house, questions Shivani about the purpose of participating in Bigg Boss Tamil season 4

Bigg Bosss Tamil 4 Shivani with her mother

We have already seen the information that the first freeze task for the housemates of the Bigg Boss house is going to take place today, and the family members of the contestants are going to visit one by one.

Shivani’s mother comes to Bigg Boss house, and it was shown in the first promo released today. Shivani hugs her and cries when she sees her mother, who has been separated for 85 days. The two behave sentimentally for a while.

It is a great shock that after that, Shivani was taken alone and reprimanded by her mother. ‘Why did you come to this show? Are you thinking that everything you are doing inside this house is unknown to anyone outside? Shivani is shocked by her mother’s question. In fact, Shivani wrote a letter during the Letter Task to her mother saying whatever she is doing inside the Bigg Boss house is for a purpose and she is not in love with anyone.

It is noteworthy that Shivani’s mother has asked almost the same question that Losliya’s father asked last season.


  1. Ulaga nayagan Kamala Hassan sir earlier very clearly told that the usage of a word ——-is to be avoided has it may influence the younger generation and will influence them to continue to use the objectionable word.
    when it is so,BALAJI the grown up muscle man, starting from MISS SANAM TILL ARI,has not learnt a lesson which he had to do and at the same time HIS BLOODY DIRTY BEHAVIOUR WILL ALSO INFLUENCE THE AUDIENCES WHO ARE AGED 2-3 years to 70+ 80+ .A worst person unfit to be in the inside of BIG BOSS.
    There are about 4.5 crores watching the BIG BOSS Show will never accept this dirty character not respecting anyone.

    I personally feel very very much for MISS.SHIVANI but but but she has taught all the YOUNG DAUGHTERS and everyone how to face and manage such a disturbed suituation.Parents too have expectations from children but at the same time children too.

    Not only in the BIG BOSS Jaill but outside the BIG BOSS too Balaji must be in jail.


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