Shivangi talks about Ashwin and Pugazh, Video goes viral on social media

Ashwin Shivangi

It is noteworthy that the show ‘Cook with Comali’ airing on Vijay TV has impressed everyone and it is the show that has got the biggest fan in a very short period of time. It is noteworthy that many people are waiting for this show on Saturday and Sunday every week.

It is worth noting that the Comalis’ eloquence and humor are more pleasing than the ‘cooks’ who attend the show, especially the fame and affection of Shivangi’s brother and sister, and the romance scenes between Ashwin and Shivangi.

In this context, in a recent video posted on her social media page, Shivangi talks about Ashwin: ‘Ashwin is very sweet. A man of good heart. He will be above what you think of him. Whatever he cooks will be super. So we waited for him to finish cooking and snuggled up to him. And he’s a very funny man. She said you will see this in every episode.’

Similarly when it comes to Pugazh ‘my unborn brother too. He has gave me a lot of space. I am so proud to see his growth. I have seen from the beginning where he came from. I am very proud of his growth as a sister. ‘


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