Shivangi shares an emotional tweet about ‘Cook with Comali 2’ Grand Finale

Cook with comali 2 finale live

The show ‘Cook with Comali 2’, airing on Vijay TV for the last few months, ends today. It is worth noting that the five-hour show airs today at 2 pm, and at the end of today’s show, it will be revealed who the title winner is.

Shakeela and Ashwin are said to be in second and third place, respectively, as news has already surfaced that Kani is the title winner. Following this, Shivangi, one of the comalis who participated in the ‘Cook With Comali 2’ show, posted a tweet on her Twitter page.

She tweeted: ‘Grand Finale of Cook with Comali Season 2’ is airing today. I could not believe that this was the last episode. I love this trip so much. My thanks to everyone who supported us. ‘


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