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In time when hygiene has become the prime necessity on a global level, it doesn’t seem right to bring back germs and doors from the outside world into your home. Not only is it difficult to leave you work back in the office but now we have to make sure unnecessary germs stay back as well. Some forms of bacteria create a stench which leave back on your articles which you carry out of your home.

Garma Guard Garment and Fabric Cleanser Founder and Story

Law enforcement officer, Pete Badawy and his better half who is a medical professional always had the habit of getting rid of any unnecessary particles from themselves before entering the house. They are both working professionals who are exposed to a lot of different areas and particles.

Pete goes on first aid calls, searches abandoned buildings while his wife goes from one room to the other in a hospital. It is not only the Badawy’s who face such problems. Other professions such as military personnel, firefighters, EMTs, gym managers, athletes, and animal caretakers also face the same situations.

Pete was of the idea that he could find something to get rid of these smells but he wasn’t able to. He and his wife then founded Elysian Labs LLC in New Jersey and produced GarmaGuard. the first all-organic, non-GMO garment and fabric cleanser.

Functions of GarmaGuard Garment and Fabric Cleanser

GarmaGuard is produced in such a manner that no fabric is harmed during the process. It has naturally derived ingredients. It is biodegradable, vegan and moreover free of any form of cruelty. It does not possess any harsh chemicals that can affect the skin or the cloth.

What makes GarmaGuard different from its competitors is that it does not trap the odour molecules but rather eliminates them. Your most common air fresheners will possess. Acetaldehyde, benzaldehyde, butylphenyl methylpropion, ethyl acetate, propylene glycol among others. These chemicals are harmful to the immune system as well as it irritates the skin, lungs and eyes.

Why harm your system when there is a better choice at hand. GarmaGuard is all about that one spray which can get rid of any odour on clothes, car seats, towels, curtains, bedspreads and accessories. It is portable and can last for a month which is a good bargain.


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