Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 13: Everything about Draft Top Beer Can Opener as seen on Shark Tank

Shark Tank Draf Top Beer Car Opener

When Arman Ferranti was in flight school in South Carolina, he saw a classmate of his open the top of a can with his teeth. This was the first time Armand had drunk a topless beer and the first time he fully tasted the flavour of a beer. He felt the texture and the undertones which otherwise would lay beneath the lid. Years later, Armand remembered the topless beer when he was trying to open a bottle of wine with a foil cutter. He rotated the cutter so that it slit the foil and then he was able to remove the cork easily. It then occurred to him, why couldn’t he make a tool that would slit the top of a beer can—or any can for that matter.

Armand had always loved inventing things and when he was a child even invented windshield wipers for glasses. Post attaining a degree in aeronautics, he began building helicopters, then to assessing aviation risks. But he spent every free moment inventing. He took off to his local liquor mart with his micrometer and measured every can that was present there. He then began building the prototype for the Draft Top.

How the Draft Top Beer Can Works?

The Draft Top contains four purposely dull blades or splitters which are structurally designed to use pressure in order to remove the top of the can without keeping behind any sharp edges.

  1. Open the handle of the Draft Top, keep doing the same until its clicks in place After which place the Draft Top flat on the can.
  2. Press gently and lightly squeeze the handle. Use your other hand to grip the can near the top.
  3. Rotate the can, half a turn. The four splitters sitting inside the rim split and fold the lid as it turns, rolling the edge over rather than leaving it jagged.
  4. You will then hear a few cracks and finally a pop which leaves the beer topless.
  5. Rinse the Draft Top with warm water after each use to keep the mechanical parts clean.

The Draft Top can be used on standard 8- to 16-ounce aluminum beverage cans and some 19-ounce cans if they have standard tops. The Draft Top comes in black and gray colour but if needed it can be customised. You can add a logo of your business to advertise the same or even organise a give-away. You can also use it as a wedding favour by adding the wedding date and names of the newlyweds.

Benefits of the Draft Top

  • The freedom of drinking from a can sans a cap is truly empowering and enriching.
  • The can also allows an uninterrupted experience where the smooth flow of the beer makes it all the more worthy.
  • The ability to add ice, mixers and garnishes is now facilitated.
  • Can play beer die or beer pong
  • No need to wash dirty glasses
  • Flexibility and Portability: Can be carried everywhere and used in places you would never take a glass. 


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