Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 5 – Everything about Slumberpod Privacy tent for Toddlers as seen on Shark Tank! Unknown Facts

slumberpod shark tank

Slumberpod is one of the products to be featured on Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 5. The story behind the birth of Slumberpod is interesting. Here are some facts about Slumberpod Co-founders and Mother-Daughter team, Lou Childs and Katy Malory.

Who is the founder of Slumberpod?

Lou Childs and Katy Malory are co-founders are Slumberpod. They are based in Georgia. They call it as ‘Game-changing’ solution for stress free travel with Little ones. Lou Childs completed her graduation from Auburn University.

They both founded Slumberpod back in 2016. But it actually started selling from 2018 via a successful campaign.

The Story of Slumberpod

Katy Malory describes that the idea for Slumberpod struck when she had many sleepless nights while visiting family or staying in the hotels with her first daughter. Her daughter used to stay up all the night. Malory started searching for some product but it was futile.

They did market research for the same and found out that many babies and toddlers have struggled to sleep when they share room with others. Slumberpod is a great solution for naps in unfamiliar places.

Slumberpod is easy to assemble and disassemble. It has enough space, so that your baby can sleep well with optimum space. It reduces noise and and blocks light which can disrupt our sleep. It is made of breathable fabric and is easy to clean. It is lightweight and compact.

Slumberpod Approximate Cost

Slumberpod costs in the range between $150-$200.

Slumberpod Reviews

Slumberpod started selling due to a great campaign and has achieved it goal by 9 times and has helped 10000 families from less stress and more rest. It has gained a positive feedback all over. Slumber Pod has received many accolades such as 2019 Winner of National Parenting Product Award and Creative Child’s 2019 Travel Product of the Year.




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