Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 6 – Everything About EZC Pak As Seen on Shark Tank! Unknown Facts


EZC Pak Immune Support Supplements is one of the products to be featured on Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 6. The story behind the birth of EZC Pak, one of the newest pill supplements startups is pretty interesting. Here are some of the unknown facts about EZC Pak and its founder, Dr. Sarath Malepati.

Who is the Founder of EZC Pak?

The brainchild behind EZC Pak is Dr. Sarath Malepati who is a California-based surgeon. His major areas of concern were resistance built by humans to tough antibiotics as infections. He observed that the usage of antibiotics for simple health issues like runny noses, coughs, sore throats and earaches was on the rise.

Dr. Sarath did his research and teaching in Georgetown University School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University, and the University of Sydney. He is also the founder of the PPC Group, a health product design firm which aims at ending antibiotic overuse.

The Story of EZC Pak

The birth of EZC Pak was to counter the dangers of antibiotic overuse. The prescription of antibiotics for minor ailments is on the rise and doctors are susceptible to “decision fatigue” when it is late in the day.

The EZC Pak comes in a pack of 14 ‘E Capsules’ which contains certified organic Echinacea and 14 ZC capsules containing Zinc and Vitamin C. The capsules are vegetarian, gluten free and have no added sugar.

  • Echinacea grows in the US and Canada and has been a very valuable medicinal plant. Immune system benefits are pretty evident with echinacea and it increases the white blood cells which fight infections.
  • Zinc is essential for the immune system and it decreases the duration of a cold attack.

EZC Pak Product Range


EZC Pak Product Range comes in 3 different collections or sizes:

  • EZC Active Pak
  • EZC 5-Day Immune Support System Pak
  • EZC 5-Day 2 Count Value Pak
  • EZC 5-Day Immune Support Pak

They can be bought directly from their online store.EZC Pak tablets are also sold by Amazon, among other retailers.

EZC Pak Reviews

EZC Pak immune tablets are receiving a lot of exciting reviews online.

EZC Pak Shark Tank Sale

No offers are currently available.

Did EZC Pak Get A Shark Tank Deal?

How did EZC Pak fare in Shark Tank Season 11? What did the Sharks have to tell about it? Did EZC Pak Get a Deal on Shark Tank? More information to be updated soon in this post.


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