Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 3 – Everything About Squid Socks As Seen on Shark Tank! Unknown Facts

squid socks shark tank

Squid Socks is one of the products to be featured on Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 3. The story behind the birth of Squid Socks is pretty interesting. . Here are some of the unknown facts about Squid Socks and its founders, Gabe Miller and Jessica Miller.

Who are the Founders of Squid Socks?

Gabe and Jessica Miller are the co-founders of Squid socks. The couple are parents of two kids, Caisen and Claire.

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Gabe Miller studied at the Franklin Pierce High School. Gabe had a hard childhood and worked as a clean-up crew for Cheney Stadium and mowed lawns to fund his college education. Gabe completed his aerospace engineering and worked at Boeing.

Gabe’s wife Jessica graduated from Washington State University with a B.A. in Marketing communications. She worked with the customer service business units for several startups before ending up with her own company, Squid Socks along with her husband.

The Story of Squid Socks

Squid Socks was born from an interesting problem and situation. Gabe and Jessica went to London for their honeymoon. During their stay in London, Gabe’s cousin and wife complained of annoying socks falls from their kid’s feet. It was that moment when the bulb grew and the Eureka moment happened for Gabe and Jessica.

From there on, Gabe was blessed to experience his entrepreneurial journey which he always wished for during his days at Boeing. The family business is on to solving a huge problem for parents with kids and their falling socks!

squid socks shark tank

Squid Socks Product Range

Squid Socks Product Range comes in 2 different collections:

  • Basic
  • Cassey
  • Carson

These socks are priced at $24. They can be bought directly from their online store.Squid Socks are  also sold by Amazon and Nordstrom, among other retailers.

Squid Socks Reviews

Squid Socks are receiving a lot of exciting reviews online.

Squid Socks Shark Tank Sale

Shark Tank Sale! Free Shipping on all orders of Squid socks for a limited period.

Did Squid Socks Get A Shark Tank Deal?

How did Squid Socks fare in Shark Tank Season 11? What did the Sharks have to tell about it? Did Squid Socks Get a Deal on Shark Tank? More information to be updated soon in this post.


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