Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 23 Everything about Rescue Ready Window Escape Ladder as seen on Shark Tank


As we have often heard ´better safe than sorry,’ we never know what might happen so its best to be prepared. Rescue Ready Window Escape Ladder provides a secure means to evacuate the house in case a crisis occurs.

The Founders of Rescue Ready Window Escape Ladder!

Eric Hartsfield and Brett Russell graduated from the college of business at James Madison University in Virginia. Eric has been a firefighter with the Norfolk (VA) Fire Rescue for 10 years while Brett has been a firefighter/paramedic for 13 years. They specialize in technical rescues, including confined space rescues, rope rescues, and structural collapse rescue. Both of them are also entrepreneurs. Eric owns a home remodeling contracting business. Brett has a full-service landscaping company. Together they founded Rescue Ready. It provides a safe and practical way for people to escape from their bedrooms during a fire or any life-threatening situation.

Why do we need the Rescue Ready Window Escape Ladder?

Fire is fast: The fire spreads in the entire household within minutes.

Fire is hot: Room temperature can go up to 600 degrees at eye level.

It is dark: There is a lot of black smoke around and it becomes impossible to see anything.

It is deadly: As per statistics, an average of 7 people loses their lives in a day due to the house fires in the US.

As they know more than half the residential fire fatalities occur between 11 PM and 7 AM when most people are in their beds. Keeping this in mind they designed a window escape ladder.

How does the Rescue Ready Window Escape Ladder!

Brett has designed the product and Eric knows all about window installation. Their invention is a patent-pending fire escape system that is fully integrated into the frame of the window. It is anchored to the structural components of the house. There is no difference in the window when looked from outside. On the inside, there is a compartment below the window that contains the ladder. A decorative cover conceals the compartment. It adds to the aesthetic value but its main purpose is to highlight where the ladder is. As panic arises during a crisis leading to chaos. To use it, remove the cover and throw the ladder over the sill and out the window – it couldn’t possibly get any easier than this!

Why Choose Rescue Ready Window Escape Ladder?

  • You never have to worry about where you have kept the ladder.
  • The ladder is so lightweight that even a child could employ it.
  • It is tangle-free as it unfolds.
  • You don’t have to mount a ladder onto the widow frame while a fire is raging.
  • The ladder is two stories long, so you don’t have to jump the last few feet.
  • It is reusable and easy to refold. This is important because you need to use it for family fire drills.
  • It can support a weight of 750 pounds.
  • The whole system exceeds the standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Safety Tips for Rescue Ready Window Escape Ladder!

Eric and Brett want you to keep in mind that simply installing the Rescue Ready System is not enough. It is required to conduct many drills so as not to have any surprises when you need to get out of the house in a hurry. The whole family must plan an exit strategy in case of an emergency and practice it periodically. This is why the ladder has to be reusable. The drills must consist of doing the procedure from beginning to end i.e., opening the compartment to climbing down the ladder. This ensures that you are aware of potential hazards like getting your food stuck on a pull cord. Practicing with eyes closed can also come in handy as the smoke from the fire makes it impossible to see.

Rescue Ready Window Escape Ladder as seen on Shark Tank!

With Rescue Ready, Eric and Brett hope it saves lives before their efforts are needed. It is a revolutionary system and the next step is to find an established window manufacturer to partner with them on this life-saving product. Find out what awaits for them on the 23rd Episode of the 11th Season of Shark Tank on 13th May.






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