Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 23 Everything about Mcsquares Dry Erase Whiteboard Tiles as seen on Shark Tank!


Mcsquares Dry Erase Whiteboard Tiles were founded by businessman Anthony Franco. He was aware of the fact that people would no longer be as close to one another due to the rapid increase in technology. Face to face communication would be rare and that would serve as a morale problem. Through Mcsquares Dry Erase Whiteboard Tiles everyone feels at ease and one in the creative process.

Founder of Mcsquares Dry Erase Whiteboard Tiles

Over the year Anthony Franco has grown as a popular figure in the business world. He has built and sold five successful companies, and amassed an impressive number of awards in the process: 74 technology awards, 62 design awards and over 100 awards combined in innovation, marketing, mobile and business. But it is his modesty that takes him a long way.

Franco gives himself no credit for his success or the numerous awards. He gives all credit to the open and effective process of collaboration and belief that creativity is an essential human trait.

Story of Mcsquares Dry Erase Whiteboard Tiles

Anthony Franco’s most notable company that he has created was Effective. He founded it in 20052005 in Denver, Colorado, as the first user experience and digital product development firm.

Effective was purchased in 2012 by WPP, a British multinational communications, advertising, public relations, technology, and commerce holding company headquartered in London.

What Franco knew way before others was that the rapid increase in technology was going to be huge blow on face-to-face communication. What people failed to comprehend was that face to face communication was a critical component in fostering team collaboration and creativity.

Years in the industry as a businessman and a key runner in building his companies, Franco had researched concepts of psychological safety for ideas that would help his teams sustain the effective collaboration that he knew was critical to success.

Some people consider Dry-erase whiteboards as more of a product for children in a classroom rather than an idea that could prove to have a positive effect in conference rooms of a high-tech company, but Franco has proven otherwise.

It wasn’t until 2013 that Franco founded Comsero, a company that manufactures a line of dry-erase products known as “mcSquares,” that he describes as elegantly designed products to improve the ways in which organizations collaborate and create.

Features of Mcsquares Dry Erase Whiteboard Tiles

There is much more to it than personal size whiteboards in a variety of shapes and sizes, Comsero produces large wall-sized boards and easels, as well as reusable “stickie” notes, homework packages for home use, and products that are usable in schools and other public organizations.

The products are made in Colorado of High Density Polyethylene, Steel and Expanded Polyvinyl, and can be cleaned with a solution of 50% rubbing alcohol/50% water on a soft, damp cloth (microfiber is recommended).

Any dry-erase or wet-erase marker or liquid chalk and dry-erase crayons can be used, and the surfaces have micro-suction pads to hold them in place on smooth surfaces such as glass, metal and plastic.

For Franco the main reason to implement such an idea was to make everyone feel one within the company and not highlight hierarchy. By providing everyone with a personal whiteboard for use during team meetings helps to democratize meetings because it pulls the focus away from the facilitator and enables all team members to more easily participate in the creative collaboration.

And because dry-erase is not permanent, some of the mental barriers that might hinder creativity are dismantled when the interaction and communication process is put into the user’s hands. The best part is when teams use the individual squares everyone’s ideas are heard, valued, and shared. This sense of self-worth leads to more diverse and innovative discussion.


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