Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 22 Everything about The DadWare Bondaroo as seen on Shark Tank!


Many scientific types of research have proved that skin to skin contact for an infant baby is beneficial in many ways including the initial bonding. There are many options available for moms in the market but about dads? The DadWare Bondaroo offers a perfect solution.

The Founder of the DadWare Bondaroo!

Nick Baker is a Los Angeles based actor and waiter. After the birth of his daughter, his wife had complications during pregnancy Nick took up bonding with his newborn through the skin to skin contact. As a result of this Nick started designing shirts that comfortably opened at the front and hit the jackpot with Bondaroo.

The Story behind the DadWare Bondaroo!

Dawn, Nick’s wife gave birth to their first child Eva. They had everything prepared for the arrival of their newborn, attending classes, and reading books. They knew about the importance of skin to skin bonding i.e., Kangaroo Care. Due to a complicated delivery, the nurse could not place her daughter on Eva’s chest. Seeing his wife upset, Nick swooped right in ripped off his shirt, and cradled his daughter on his chest.

He continued the skin to skin bonding at home but he was not comfortable going shirtless all the time. After an awkward run-in with the Amazon delivery guy, he decided to change things. He cut off his old t-shirts at the front with big holes. They did not serve the purpose and his wife was not keen on the look either. He created different designs of shirts that opened at the front until he finally designed Bondaroo. Nick and Dawn got a trademark for the name DadWare and secured a US utility patent for the shirt.

What is Bondaroo?

A Bondaroo is a high quality, comfortable shirt with a soft Velcro flap that opens and closes at the front to expose the chest for skin to skin bonding with the baby. Nowadays, fathers want to play a larger role in their children’s lives. Fatherhood has become an identity for a man, many countries are even providing paternity leave recognizing the importance of boding with children at an early stage. Kangaroo care gives importance to the skin to skin bonding and a Bondaroo is an excellent tool for it.

What is a Bondaroo made up of?

The shirt is made up of french terry, 82% Polyester, 15% Rayon, and 3% Spandex. The yarn is imported but the fabric is manufactured and the shirt is made in the U.S. The closure material Velcro’s High Technology Hook and Loop and the rounded Velcro circles which ensure that the baby’s skin does not get scratched is also made in the U.S. It looks like a normal shirt and can be worn anywhere and anytime.

Benefits of Kangaroo Care i.e., Skin to skin boding!

Being empowered to care for the new baby.

Beginning the bonding process with the baby from the start.

Skin to skin bonding helps both the father and child become calmer.

Father becomes intuitive to the baby’s signs of hunger and distress.

It provides better sleep both to the baby and father.

Stabilizes the baby’s body temperature.

It regulates the baby’s breathing, heart rate, and blood sugar.

Making the transition from fetal to neonatal life easier for a newborn.

Alleviates any pain the baby may be in.

The pricing and availability of the DadWare Bondaroo!

Each piece costs around $39.99, they are available in various sizes and two colors navy blue and charcoal. They can be purchased directly from their site or can be bought from Amazon.

The reviews on DadWare Bondaroo!

The product has received glowing reviews from mothers who state that both the child and the father are in love with the product.

 DadWare Bondaroo as seen on Shark Tank!

Find out if the judges love the bondaroo just as much this Friday i.e., 8th May on the 22nd episode of the 11th season of the shark tank. Stay tuned for more updates.





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