Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 20 Everything about The Little Burros Wheelbarrow Tool Holder as seen on Shark Tank


Most of us are passionate about gardening, we spend hours tending to the plants. The only hindrance, however, occurs by way of carrying the gardening tools back and forth. The Little Burros Wheelbarrow Tool Holder proves to be a great solution.

The Founder of The Little Burros Wheelbarrow Tool Holder!

Bob Thorsen is a master contractor on elite residential projects and president of award-winning Thorsen Construction. He is a father of five, four of them worked at the family construction business with Becca as CFO. While Mollie had just finished college. Bob started a company called The Little Burros with himself, Becca, and Mollie as COO.

The Story behind The Little Burros Wheelbarrow Tool Holder!

On a fine sunny day, Bob was helping his wife Sudie do the gardening. While going back and forth for tools, sand, and lemonade, etc., Bob got an idea. He made a tray with a cardboard and duct tape that would keep all the gardening tools together and fit it atop of wheelbarrow for easy transport.

He showed it to his five children for an opinion who encouraged him to take it further. Bob engaged an industrial design firm to come up with a real prototype. The firm made various models to test on homeowners and contractors. The final design won the International Design Award for product design.

The Design of The Little Burros Wheelbarrow Tool Holder!

The tray is made with UV-resistant HDPE plastic, it fits most of the wheelbarrows and can hold up to 80 pounds. The tray weighs around 6 pounds. There are compartments for long handle tools, short handle tools, drinks and a water-resistant compartment with pockets for personal items. It can also carry a flat of flowers and a five-gallon bucket.

The Product Expansion of The Little Burros Wheelbarrow Tool Holder!

The Little Burrows decided to expand to a smaller, lighter and less expensive. It takes up less room. This new model is the perfect size for the gardener’s garage and merchant’s display space. The model is named Burro Buddy. The key features from the original little burro remain with full use of the cavity of the wheelbarrow.

The Accolades Received by The Little Burros Wheelbarrow Tool Holder!

Top 5 Tools for Spring: Newsday

Top 5 Genius Gardening Products: Sunset Magazine

Amazon Best Seller

5 Genius Gardening Tools, Real Simple Magazine

The Little Burro was selected to represent Virginia in a showcase of made-in-America products at the White House, which led to an appearance on Fox & Friends.

At the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, it won the best new product out of 11,000 products.

The Mission of The Little Burros Wheelbarrow Tool Holder!

Bob eventually turned back to his construction firm, building custom homes. Becca and Mollie worked on expanding the product in new markets. A tragedy struck upon the family when Becca after a brief illness died at the age of 29. The family was devastated and was unable to go on with either of their businesses. They took a break and continued the business by honoring Becca and furthering her legacy.

Becca was an activist for A21, Abolish in the 21st century, a global anti-human trafficking organization that seeks justice for 40 million victims around the world. Her family donates Becca’s 10% of the Little Burros company to A21 along with a portion of every Burro sold.

They participate in the annual A21 Walk for Freedom in Washington, DC. Mollie is a host for the walk.

The Pricing & Availability of The Little Burros Wheelbarrow Tool Holder!

The Original Little Burro costs $52.99. Whereas the Burro Buddy costs $39.95.

They are tied up with several retail stores where the product is available or it can be bought online through amazon.

The Reviews on The Little Burros Wheelbarrow Tool Holder!

Both the models have received raving reviews from various users who have a penchant for gardening.

The Little Burros Wheelbarrow Tool Holder on Shark Tank!

It remains to be seen whether the panelists appreciate the product just as much. The episode airs on 17th April, this Friday at 8 PM.



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