Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 19 Everything about Neuro Energy Gum as seen on Shark Tank!


All of us at one point have experienced the phase where we wish for added energy and focus to achieve a goal. Sometimes we feel like getting away from all the chaos and have some calm and clarity. For both these things, Neuro provides an excellent solution. Gum and mints formulated to benefit overall mental performance.

About the founders of Neuro Energy Gum!

Kent Yoshimura and Ryan Chen are the founders of Neuro Energy Gum, they became friends at the University of California. Kent has competed Internationally in Muay Thai, Thai Boxing. He has trained the Japanese Judo Team and the Imperials palace guards. Kent is a muralist for the city of Los Angeles, an illustrator of children books. He earned a degree in cognitive science-neuroscience.

Ryan has a second degree in black belt in Kendo, was the captain of cross country and track teams. He trained with the US Paralympic team. Ryan invests in businesses dedicated to healthy eating. He has earned a degree in Chemistry and Management Science- Economics.

The Story behind Neuro Energy Gum!

Despite both Kent and Ryan having busy lives, they wanted to do more. They were looking for clean and balanced energy to challenge their minds and their bodies to the maximum capacity. They did not trust the energy drinks or supplements available in the markets. Thus, they founded Neuro and developed nootropic gums and mints formulated to benefit overall mental performance. They brought out two products Energy & Focus when you need a boost and Calm & Clarity when you need to chill out.

Composition of the Neuro Energy Gum Products!

Energy & Focus comprises of

  • Natural Caffeine provides a smooth boost in energy and alertness.
  • L – theanine from green tea that neutralizes the negative effects of caffeine, improves focus, attention span and reduces stress.
  • Vitamin B6 encourages the body’s production of serotonin and norepinephrine which improves mood and reduces the symptoms of depression.
  • Vitamin B12 gives energy by converting the food we intake into glucose. Supports the production of red blood cells and relieves fatigue.

Calm & Clarity comprises of

  • GABA i.e., gamma-aminobutyric acid which calms down the nervous system and reduces anxiety.
  • Vitamin D3 aims in the production of serotonin which keeps the mood balanced.
  • L – theanine which improves cognitive performance and helps in relaxation.

Why Choose Neuro Energy Gum Products!

All the ingredients are sustainable, high quality and Generally recognized as safe by the FDA. The gums and mints are made in FDA approved labs. Each batch is inspected for quality and consistency. They are vegan, non-GMO, free of gluten, aspartame, and sugar. It is only 2 calories per piece, as a bonus, they freshen your breath and even taste good!

Neuro’s patented cold-compressed gum introduces the ingredients directly into the bloodstream. Thus, effectively activating them five time faster than drinking coffee or energy drinks. Besides, absorbing through mucous membranes in the mouth is far more efficient than digesting it.

Neuro Energy Gums’ Mission!

They have a mission to focus on three things important to them Innovation, Quality Ingredients, and Giving back. As a part of this, they give back 1% of everything i.e., time for the community, profits for a cause or product to non-profits.

Neuro Energy Gum Availability!

The Neuro Energy Gum or Mints can be purchased directly from the website of Neuro, they are also available on Amazon.

Pricing and Flavors of Neuro Energy Gum!

A box of 6 packs contains 54 pieces and costs $21

Energy & Focus is available in two flavors Peppermint and Cinnamon.

Calm & Clarity is available in two flavors Ginger Chai and Honey Lemon.

Neuro Energy Gum Reviews!

The users are quite impressed with the product and the company has sold more than 10 million pieces so far.

Neuro Energy Gum on Shark Tank!

Will Kent and Ryan manage to impress the Sharks with their gums and mints. Find out this Friday, 10th April on the 19th Episode of the 11th Season.


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