Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 17- The Frozen Farmer’s Icy Brilliance A Delight To Taste Buds, As Featured on Shark Tank!


Every farm space has tremendous waste of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, The Frozen Farmer found a lip smacking way to cut down on the wastage. Hardly did anyone realize that there was a market for these unsold produce until Katey Evans, her husband Kevin and her mother, Jo Ellen Algier created their own homemade super-premium ice cream, Nice cream and sorbet.

The Story Behind The Frozen Farmer

The Evans Farms in Bridgeville, Delaware is a beautiful 2,000 acres of fruits, vegetables and grains. Currently it is owned by its third generation owner and operator, Kevin. Katey Evans handles the sales and marketing aspect of the farm. Jo-Ellen Algier loved making ice cream from the fruits and vegetables that were cast off from the farms other produce. There came a day when they managed to fuse all that they love together and they founded The Frozen Farmer. Katey and Jo Ellen went to the Ice Cream University in West Orange, New Jersey. They went on to partner with a nutritionist to maintain that the recipes are constantly met with the standards of health conscious consumers. They then organized for a commercial kitchen and a food truck to get their business on the road.

The Frozen Farmer Flavors – Ice Cream Wonder

The ice cream is novel and could be termed as super premium as it has less air whipped into it whilst churning. This makes it smoother, creamier and richer. It also has a special ingredient of 14% butterfat which is locally sourced. The ice cream is made from scratch which includes no kind of mixes or powders. They have an array of flavors which includes Bananas Foster, Blueberry Strudel and Peanut Butter & Jelly as well as seasonal flavors, such as Pumpkin Pie, Gingerbread and Eggnog.

Icy Sorbet

The process of forming the sorbet starts with cutting up the hand-picked fruit. The fruit is marinated overnight in pure cane sugar which gives it a chance to create a natural based syrupy juice. The fruit is then pureed and churned in the ice cream machine. Further which it is frozen into a perfect consistency. The best part of the sorbet is that it is made with 100% real fruit and what adds to its uniqueness is that it is lactose, gluten and fat free. The sorbet flavors include Banana Berry, Canary Melon and Cantaloupe.

Nice Cream- An Original Creation

They have added another category to their list of delicious creations, Nice Cream. This is their original creation which includes one-third the super-premium ice cream and two-thirds of their sorbet. The result of this is an explosion of flavor that takes over your mouth. The Nice Cream has less fat and lactose and fewer calories than traditional ice cream, but even still is just as creamy. The flavors of Nice Cream include Orange Creamsicle, Peach Blossom and Triple Berry.

Waffle Cones Made From Scratch

The Frozen Farmer also makes their own waffle cone from scratch. The eggs are taken every day from the Evan’s chickens and with the rest of the necessary ingredients i.e. flour, sugar and butter they create the waffle cone. They also gluten free cones as well.
The Frozen Farmer not only makes their own ice cream, sorbet and waffle cones but also offers milkshakes, smoothies and farm-fresh juices.

The Frozen Farmer’s first market was also the first drive-thru stand in Delaware. The Evans Farms produce stand stood along a busy highway. The worry that Katey and Kevin had was that people might be pulling off to the shoulder to buy produce which was a matter of concern, they found a solution and constructed a barn at the edge of their property so that people could drive their cars right through. The barn is inclusive of a shop where customers get a first hand view of fruit turning into ice cream. The Frozen Farmer’s products are in local convenience stores, nearly 200 grocery stores, and 12 local restaurants. The Frozen Farmer also has a food truck which is available for private parties, weddings as well as BBQs happening in your backyard. There are times when employers wish to treat their employees with some feel-good food and they call the truck by the workplace.

Katey was first suggested by some customers that she should try to get her product on Shark Tank. The only time she took it seriously was when she received a video from a guest shark, Bethenny Frankel, she pushed her towards auditioning for the show. She then went on to attend an open casting call and it is no guess that she was selected.


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