Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 16 All about Safety Nailer as seen on Shark Tank!


All of us have at least once gotten our hand hurt while trying to hammer a nail. Safety Nailer provides a permanent solution to this problem. Let us have a look at all that we know about Safety Nailer.

The Founders of Safety Nailer!

The founders of Safety Nailer are Drew Zirkle and Kristen. Kristen is a civilian accountant for the air force and wife of Dan Eifes, the designer of Safety Nailer. Drew Zirkle is an engineer and he was the one who took the design by Dan for production. Drew and Kristen together founded Safety Nailer, LLC.

The Story behind Safety Nailer!

Dan Eifes was a Civil Engineer in the Navy, during one of the stand-down one of the officers was demonstrating the right grip of holding the chisel to prevent the hammer from hitting the hand. This led to Dan thinking of all the people who get hurt trying to hammer nails. As a result, He began developing designs for the safety nailer. Thus by the time Dan was medically discharged from the navy, he had already perfected the design and secured a patent.

What does the Safety Nailer do?

The safety nailer keeps the fingers safe from the hammer.

Keeps the nails straight to prevent them from slipping.

Holds nails and screws in place to keep them from falling.

The Features of a Safety Nailer!

The Safety Nailer has multiple grooves to accommodate nails of different sizes and diameters.

It is made of shock-resistant ABS, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic to prevent it from breaking in case it gets hit.

Neodymium magnets keep the nails in place and straight to avoid bent nails. The magnets work for non-ferrous nails such as steel or copper.

The nailer comes with an elastic band that fits into the index finger leaving the hands free.

It has a hinge that rotates 180 degrees and allows one to grab a nail out of a bag or from the ground and right into the groove.

The Pricing of Safety Nailer

A Safety Nailer is priced around $8.99. It can be purchased directly from their website or Amazon.

The Models of Safety Nailer!

Safety Nailer comes in two models

  1. Framing Nailer
  2. Finish Nailer

Reviews on Safety Nailer!

The Safety Nailer has won the first prize of the top three prizes at the Start Peninsula, an annual event in Hampton Roads, Virginia. The event is organized to provide a business platform for all the innovative ideas.

Safety Nailer on Shark Tank!

Can this product manage to impress the sharks? Stay tuned to the 16th episode of the 11th season of shark tank to be aired this Friday i.e, 20th March.





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