Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 15 All about Space Traveler Kids Car Seat Cover as seen on Shark Tank!


Every parent having more than one child without fail has experienced this dilemma. Fighting over space in the back seat of the car. The endless bantering of the kids throughout the journey never ceases to irk the parents. For all those troubled parents Space Traveler Kids Car Seat Cover seems to be the perfect solution.

The Founders of Space Traveler Kids Car Seat Cover!

Krissy Pruske and Rachel Lincoln have been friends for 30 years now!  Their friendship began in 3rd grade in Covington, Louisiana. They have fond memories of raiding the thrift stores as children and creating new clothes out of old ones.

Due to this friendship, both of them ended up in San Antonio in Texas. Krissy has 3 children and Rachel has 2. Between themselves, with their innovation, they kept coming up with solutions for their needs in parenting.

Together they created Bright Idea Designs LLC. The company develops products that make the lives of parents and caregivers much easier.

The story behind Space Traveler Kids Car Seat Cover!

In the summer of 2018 when Krissy was supposed to travel on a cross country road trip with her husband and 3 kids. All she could think was, “How will I survive the fighting!” Realizing that all she had to do was keep them separated. She then decided to put the kids in collapsible laundry hampers! Which worked fine but still there was scope for improvement.

On her next trip to Orlando a few months later. She thought to try out the collapsible dog kennels! Eureka! This turned out to be quite an idea. Turning out to be the quietest trip ever!  Much better option and hence the idea took shape, The Space Traveler.

The development of Space Traveler Kids Car Seat Cover!

As they started working on their prototype and sent it to the manufacturer. Around the same time, they learned about Shark Tank open casting call in NYC May 2019. Taking it as an opportunity to have a girls’ trip to NYC, they started their journey. Soon it became much more, standing in an 8 hours line for a minute of opportunity at an open casting call. Weeks later they received an email stating they made it to the next round.

It was then they founded Bright Idea Designs LLC. They found a manufacturer in China and ordered a couple of prototypes to be made.

The description of Space Traveler Kids Car Seat Cover!

The space traveler is a lightweight, collapsible. The travel product visually and physically separates the kids while traveling. It comes equipped with multiple storage pockets for electronic gadgets, snacks, and drinks. It measures 32 inches in height X 19 inches width X 19 inches depth. While storing it measures 13 inches in height X 13 inches width X 3 inches depth.

The pricing of Space Traveler Kids Car Seat Cover!

The original pricing of the Space Traveler Kids Car Seat Cover will be $39.35. But as a Shark Tank Pre Sale Order, they can be ordered at a discounted price of $29.35.

Space Traveler Kids Car Seat Cover on Shark Tank!

The Space Traveler Kids Car Seat Cover will air on shark tank season 11 episode 15 on 13th March. Can Krissy and Rachel manage to impress the sharks with their product?



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