Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 14: All about Pair Eyewear Customizable Kids Glasses as Seen on Shark Tank!


Who likes being singled out, taunted that too just for wearing glasses. The phobia of wearing glasses to school and getting teased for it is quite high among kids. For all those kids Pair Eyewear comes as a blessing in disguise.

The founders of Pair Eyewear Customizable Kids Glasses

Nathan Kondamuri and Sophia Edelstein are co-founders of Pair Eyewear. They were both studying at Stanford University when they founded Pair Eyewear. Nathan has worked as CEO of Copernican Solutions, LLC. In Stanford consulting group he advised student-run companies. He also worked as an Operations Management Leadership Program intern at GE. At MIT he helped innovative students with research and presentations.

Sophia has worked in Goldman Sachs as an analyst. Interning in business development at TeachAIDS. Research Assistant at Stanford University, and Summer Analyst at J. P Morgan.

The story behind Pair Eyewear Customizable Kids Glasses

Nathan had been wearing glasses since he was eight. When he was in senior year at Stanford his younger brother had to get glasses and was miserable. Recalling all the experiences of name-calling and being different. Willing to attend a class without glasses and not understand anything. Rather than wear them and be ridiculed for it. All this gt him thinking and he eventually shared his thoughts with Sophia. Together they decided to something for the kids not only to improve their self-confidence. But also realizing the importance of glasses in classroom learning.

The initiation of Pair Eyewear Customizable Kids Glasses at Stanford University

Stanford is an institution know for backing up its potential students with innovative ideas. Nathan & Sophia got all the guidance and support at the University. Design for America guided them in design issues and user research. While constructing the business plan they received help from Cardinal Ventures. The prototypes were created with the help of the Lean Launchpad.

The research behind Pair Eyewear Customizable Kids Glasses

Nathan & Sophia spoke to over 500 families in the bay area keeping their main focus on the kids. Most of the kids had a single question to ask. “Why do we change our clothes while our glasses remain the same year after year? This question itself is the base for Pair Eyewear.

Why Pair Eyewear Customizable Kids Glasses?

Pair eyewear sells customizable glasses for kids between the age of 6-15. Kids can choose from five base frames that come in six colors. With magnetic tops that fit the base frames in a wide variety of colors and patterns such as polka dots, stripes, tie-dyed, plaid, rainbow and so on. As a bonus, some tops can turn prescription glasses into sunglasses! The base frames ensure flexibility, durability and perfect fit.

Convenient Pair Eyewear Customizable Kids Glasses

For the kids who hate being anywhere near clinics, the prototypes are delivered at home to try on. The parents do not have to be worried about returning them. A snapshot of prescription can be sent to Pair or the Pair will get it from the Optometrist.

Reviews on Pair Eyewear Customizable kids glasses

They come highly recommended by kids who can change their magnetic tops anytime and anywhere becoming quite a fashionista! The parents are just as happy if not more for affordable prices.

For every pair they sell they donate a pair! The pair has partnered with EYElliance a non-profit organization, who is committed to providing glasses where its non-accessibility and affordability are hindering educational progress.

Pair Eyewear Customizable kids glasses on Shark Tank

Will the sharks find Pair Eyewear an extension of personality? Find out on the 14th episode of Shark Tank Season 11.


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"Straight out of Stanford University in 2017, classmates Sophia Edelstein and Nathan Kondamuri founded Pair Eyewear, a children’s optical line that lets kids snap magnetic frames onto their Pair glasses to instantly change the look of their specs. On March 6, 2020, the young entrepreneurs appear on ABC’s Shark Tank to make their pitch for funding. Pair has already landed more than $1 million in investment support but now they want to scale the business." – @Forbes We are beyond excited to be broadcasting our mission of making children feel confident in wearing glasses while having fun. To help support us, please share this photo to your Instagram story – it would mean the world to us! Tune in on March 6th at 8 PM EST/PST on ABC's Shark Tank! Wish us luck! ? #SharkTank #community #swapthetop #kidglasses #startup #entrepreneurship #innovation #kidsfashion #business #DTC #investors #eyewear #opticals

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