Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 14 All about Babyquip Baby Gear Rentals as Seen on Shark Tank!


Traveling with a child can be a lot of hassle involving decisions about what to and what not to carry along? Here is a platform, ‘Baby Quip’ which is the perfect solution for such a dilemma! Why carry when you can simply hire them! Here is all we know about the ‘baby quip.’

The founder of Babyquip Baby Gear Rentals!

The founder of Babyquip Baby Gear Rentals is Kerri Couillard. She has done her MS in computer science from New Mexico Highlands University. She works as a software engineer at SAIC in Mexico. Besides being the founder of Babyquipshe also has worked as the chief technical officer of it. Babierge (baby+concierge) now Babyquip was founded in 2016 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The story behind Babyquip Baby Gear Rentals!

When a lot of unused baby equipment was gathered with Kerri she got thinking. Rather than throwing them away or giving it off, she tried hiring it. The idea seemed to be an instant hit. Turns out there were a lot of frazzled parents planning vacation who found the idea of hiring quite rewarding.

The process of hiring Babyquip Baby Gear Rentals!

The process of hiring is quite simple! The platform has several tie-ups with the persons who are willing to hire known as a quality providers. All you need to do is select the location of your vacation. Identify the items you need from the quality provider pay for them. The items will be delivered to your location or sometimes even to the airport. After your vacation is done the quality provider will get there and collect the items. Babyquip has several checks to ensure that the items are safe, hygienic, there is also liability insurance.

The management of Babyquip Baby Gear Rentals!

Kerri in 2016 brought in Fran Maier as the CEO, who is the co-founder of and has worked with several startups. Together they raised close to $4,50,000 in seed investment. Kerri left the company in 2017 although she remains the major stakeholder. Babyquip today is managed by Fran Maier along with her son Joe Maier and a talented team of graphic artists, marketing and operations expert & web designers. Additionally supported by a team of professional advisors all of whom are founders and CEO of successful businesses. They also have the first-hand experience of knowing how cumbersome traveling with small children is!

The growth of Babyquip Baby Gear Rentals!

As reported by Berenice Magistretti of, the company on 19th April 2018 concluded a $1.3 Million seed round of investments. They also had acquired Rent Baby Equipment and Baby Equipment Rental Directories partnering with destination hotels and Kids & Coe.

The reviews of Babyquip Baby Gear Rentals!

The company has received raving reviews from parents who no longer have to worry about car seats, high chairs, changing tables, monitors and cribs while planning their vacation.

Babyquip Baby Gear Rentals on Shark Tank!

Do the sharks find hiring Babyquip Baby Gear Rentals just as accommodating? Find out on the 14th episode of season 11 of Shark Tank.



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