Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 13 All about Bala Bangles as Seen on Shark Tank


Bala Bangles is set to be featured on the 13th Episode, Season 11 of Shark Tank. They are workout weights that are easy to carry and look just as stylish. The episode will be aired on 28th February.

The founders of Bala Bangles

Natalie Holloway and her husband Max Kislevitz both are certified, yoga instructors and daily practitioners. As a result, they are always looking for ways to push themselves and increase their effects. Thus, their efforts led them to the establishment of the company Bala in 2018 based in Los Angeles.

The story behind the Bala Bangles

Natalie and Max went on a 6-month sabbatical to Asia. Having a keen interest in exercise they were aware of adding weights to their routine. At the same time since they practiced yoga, they required their hands to be free.

So, they were in search of something that allowed their hands to be free and easy to travel with. If they happen to look stylish that would be an added bonus. This got them thinking something of a one-size-fits-all solution that wouldn’t interfere with their yoga asanas.

The working of Bala Bangles

With the help of an industrial designer, they developed several prototypes. In April 2017, they started a Kickstarter campaign and raised $50448 from 381 investors. The production took place in Hong Kong.

Natalie and Max named their product Bala which in Sanskrit means Strength. Bala bangles are made from cast iron bars and are coated with medical-grade silicon. They contain an elastic binding which prevents it from slipping.

Variants of Bala Bangles

Bala Bangles are available in various colors and are used by both men and women. They are available I one pound and two pounds of weight. They are hassle-free and can be used during yoga, walking, cycling, trekking, swimming, and even a random walk.

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Pricing and Availability of Bala Bangles

Classic 1 LB Bala Bangles cost around $49 and 2LB ones cost $65.

They are available in 500 retail locations worldwide or can be directly ordered from their website.

Reviews about the Bala Bangles

The users of Bala Bangles have given glowing reviews about the product. While looking stylish they give the advantage of weights while working out. Referred to as a very millennial-friendly upgrade to the retro fitness accessory.

Bala Bangles on The Shark Tank

It remains to be seen whether the judges are just as impressed by the Bala Bangles. Have they got what it takes to impress the sharks?








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