Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 11- Everything about Love Sync Button as seen on Shark Tank! Unknown Facts


Love Sync Button is one of the products to be featured on Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 10. The story behind the birth of is Love Sync Button interesting. Here are some facts about Love Sync and its founder Jennifer and Ryan Cmich.

Who is the founder of Love Sync Button?

The founders of Love Sync Button are Jennifer and Ryan Cmich. They are married for 15 years. They introduced this app to solve the dilemma of communication in sex and relationships. Ryan by profession is a mechanical engineer who develops robotic lawn mowers. Jennifer is a marriage and relationship counsellor.

Story behind Love Sync Button

Ryan got an idea about this when he was in a mood to get intimate, he started feeling obligated and feared rejection when Jennifer had a long tiring day at work. He started thinking about the maybe which created a dilemma in his mind. He didn’t know whether Jennifer to wanted it or not and wasn’t sure about it. That is when this idea struck him to develop buttons that let your partner know that you are interested, but only if he or she too is ready.

This might be a silly concept but it can be effective without any awkward moments. The Love Sync Button comes in a set that contains one USB powered button. If one clicks the button, you shall get to know your partner’s consent within a speculated time frame. Both the buttons glow. If there is a green light, then that means there is a consent from your partner. It’s a fun and casual tool which might help couples realize if their relationship is weakening due to sexual intimacy.

Love Sync Button Approximate Price

This full set of Love Sync Button shall cost somewhere around $57.


Love Sync Button Reviews

Many people have criticized this innovation. They say the charm loses due to this when decided to get intimate. There are some serious drawbacks and criticism passed on this. Founders say that people are ignoring the bigger picture and are concentrating on negative and positives of it.

We shall soon find out whether Love Sync Button shall get a Shark Tank Deal or not.









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