Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 11- Everything about Kreyol Essence as seen on Shark Tank! Unknown Facts


Kreyol Essence is one of the products to be featured on Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 10. The story behind the birth of Kreyol Essence is interesting. Here are some facts about Kreyol Essence and its founder Yve-Car Momperousse.

Who is the founder of Kreyol Essences?

Yve-Car Momperousse is the founder of Kreyol Essences. She has degree in Business Adminstration, BA in Urban Studies, Degree in Government/ International Development from University of Pennsylvania and Masters degree in International Agriculture Rural Development from Cornell University. She has been in various university committees where she held top positions. She has been a Youth EmpowermentInstructor. She has tremendous experience in the field of fundraising, business consulting, board of directors, staff, as a volunteer.


Story behind Kreyol Essence

The story behind Kreyol Essence is that during her childhood, she used to braid her hair done by her neighbours. She liked her mother washing her hair in the kitchen sink. Her hair was getting damaged. Her mother used to remove the magic oil which cured her hair. Over the course of time, she damaged her hair by doing all the things possible, she again had to turn up to her mother for her magic oil. She looked for Haitian Black Castor Oil in the West Indies store in Philadelphia but no one had the organic oil available. This is when she decided that she shall make this organic oil available for everyone and this is how Kreyol Essences was found.

Kreyol Essences creation also fulfilled her dreams of economic activity in Haiti. She was an activist in Haiti, who understood that the people over there needed jobs.

About Kreyol Essences

Kreyol Essences is all about natural Hair, Skin and Body Products. Their products contain eco-friendly, pure and natural ingredients. They use indigenous ingredients from Caribbean Farms. They use pure Haiti Black Castor Oil. They don’t use fillers, parabens, sulfates and synthethic dyes.

Kreyol Essences Product Approximate Cost

The Hair Care products range cost between $20-$35.

The Skin Care products range cost between $20-$60.

The Body Care products range cost between $8-$35.

Kreyol Essences Positive Reviews

This product has received Positive feedback all along the country and also all over the world. They promote Women Empowerment, Economic Development and Environment Restoration due to which they have received a good feedback.

We shall soon find out whether Flex Screen shall get a Shark Tank Deal or not.






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