Shark tank India season 2 is starting today


Following the success of the first season of Shark Tank India, Shark Tank India on Sony TV premiered Season 2 on January 2, this year in 2023, and this season has viewers more excited than ever. With the exception of Ashneer Grover, who is not going to participate in the show for season 2 of Shark Tank India due to his departure from Bharatpur. Shark Tank India, season 2, 2023 will welcome the same team of judges who were there in Shark Tank India season 1!

This time, in the team of judges there will be Aman Gupta, Vineeta Singh, Peyush Bansal, Anupam Mittal, Namita Thapar, and Amit Jain. Shark Tank India Season 2 was warmly received by all the viewers of the show even though fans are missing TRP booster, Ashneer Grover this time around in the show. Ashneer Grover was the driving force behind the Season 1 success of Shark Tank India, last year. 

Shark Tank India Episode 1  Companies List

There were a total of 2300 entries in which only 4 were able to represent themselves and their companies in front of all the sharks in Shark Tank India, season 2! Those companies are as follows;

  • Hoovu fresh Pooja flowers

What Happened to Hoovu Fresh Pooja Flowers in Shark Tank India?

  • Yeshoda and Rhea presented themselves in the front of sharks in the very first episode of shark tank india, season 2!
  • The name of their company is , Hoovu Fresh Pooja Flowers. In their company, they are using the advanced technology that assist them in maintaining the freshness and the moisture of flowers for a long time that is too good for everyone and make their lives easy while they are looking for flowers for Pooja .
  • The shelf life of the flowers that they are selling in their company is approximately 2 to 15 days.
  • They were asking for Rs. 80 lakhs for the equity of 1%.

Hoovu Fresh Pooja Flowers Shark Tank India Deal or No Deal?

Company name: Hoovu Fresh  Pooja Flowers

Founder: yeshoda and Rhea

Product: Fresh Flowers for Pooja 

Asked for: Rs. 80 lakhs for 1% equity 

Final deal: Rs. 1 crores for  2% equity 

Shark: peyush bansal and Aman Gupta 

Episode: 1 ( season 2) 

Business status: In Business 

Average sale : Rs. 50-55 lakhs



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