Shark Tank 12 Everything You Need To Know About Chirp Exercise Wheel for Back Pain As Seen on Shark Tank!


Chirps was originally known as Plexus. The company was founded by Tate Stock on a personal trip to visit his aunt when inspiration struck him. He began the company with a personal investment and went on to sell the wheel across the globe. The Chirp Wheel is excellent for back aches and posture problems, it has been a huge hit with the masses as it is a need of the hour.

Chirp Wheel Founder and Story

Tate Stock founded his company while he was a senior at university. He was getting his degree in economics from Brigham Young University. While he was visiting his aunt he saw her yoga wheel and was fascinated by it. He began to brainstorm on how he could make it better.

He spent a total of $400 to bring in the necessary materials basically PVC pipes and yoga mats, smoothed the edges of the pipes, trimmed the mats and had a more durable, more comfortable wheel. Within the first two weeks of being in business he sold around 100 wheels.

Tate then put the wheel on and made $12,000. Few years down the line, Tate was selling around 500 wheels per day owing to clever marketing strategies and rebranding.

Functions of the Chirp Wheel

The Chirp Wheel is the only wheel on the market that is FDA-Registered as a Class 1 Medical Device. It strengthens the muscles and releases tension in the areas surrounding the spine. It relieves pain as well.

The wheel is made out of an injection-molded plastic core that can withstand up to 500 lbs. of pressure and has an EVA foam soft outer layer. All wheels available are 5 inches wide and act as the perfect mould to be placed between shoulder blades to align the spine.

There are three diameters:

  1. Gentle: The 12-inch size allows the largest overall stretch. It is ideal for pain in the upper and lower back and can also be used for stretching of hips and opens up the chest area.
  2. Medium: The 10-inch size is used in the same way as the 12-inch model. Although it is easier to use and it can also be used against a wall and not necessarily only the floor.
  3. Deep: The 6-inch size is amazing for the neck and for posture correction. It enables a rather intense stretch which is good for tight muscles.

How to Use the Chirp Wheel?

The Chirp Wheel has to be placed at your feet on a flat surface which is not slippery. Usually a gym or yoga mat is preferred. Then lie on the wheel while it sits between your shoulder blades and the feet have to permanently be planted firmly on the ground. Maintain your balance and slowly roll up and down the wheel. It has to always remain at the centre of your back.

The Chirp Wheel Function

It is not necessary that the chirp wheel has to be used specifically for yoga. The wheel can also be a useful aid to increase flexibility and range of motion which will soothe back pains. The Chirp Wheel will enable you to build your core strength. The major reason for back pain is usually a weak core. The Chirp Wheel also helps to improve flexibility. When your muscles are tight it decreased the



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