Shake It Pup Dog Food Seasoning as featured on Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 13 Review and Unknown Facts

shake it pup dog food shark tank review

Shake It Pup is one of the products to be featured on Shark Tank season 11 Episode 13 airing on Friday February 28, 2020. Shake it Pup is launched to provide pup-parents with the means to mix up meals, incorporate additional nutrients, and prevent mealtime boredom. With our large selection of seasonings, the majority of Shake it Pup customers choose to purchase multiple bottle sets, allowing them to rotate recipes and keep their pup excited for every mealtime! Shake it Pup can be added to any type of dog food, including dry (kibble), wet, freeze-dried, or even home-cooked dog meals!

Everything about Shake It Pup Founders Brett Maiolfi and AJ Crook

Shake It Pup is started by Brett Maiolfi and AJ Crook out of the need to provide healthy alternative for their dog, Cleo’s food without using unhealthy freeze-dried toppers that are ineffective and expensive or table scraps that start her down that slippery slope where she spurns dog food entirely or without changing her diet completely, which could then bring on digestive issues.

According to founder Brett and AJ all ingredients are U.S.-sourced! To offer the best, most-natural supplements, our Organic Cinnamon (found in the Bone & Joint Recipe) is sourced from its native country of Indonesia. Despite all of the flavor and nutrients packed into Shake it Pup, each teaspoon contains less than 25 calories, regardless of recipe!

Brett and AJ stressed on making sure Shake It Pip doesn’t have added salt though dogs love it and it’s found in dog treats and foods. Salt can be very detrimental to a dog’s health. That’s why they never add additional salts to any recipe. Because of this, the sodium levels are consistent with the natural occurring levels found in each ingredient.

If your dogs don’t like any of the flavours they replace it for free.

Shake It Pup Flavours

  • Bae’con & Eggs with bacon, eggs and cheddar cheese.
    It would be interesting to see if the Sharks would invest in Brett and AJ and spice up their Dog food dream.


  1. You wrote an article about a year ago about the company ShakeItPup on Shark Tank. It would be great if you could to a follow up so your readers know that they are doing nothing but scamming people now. They process purchases on their website that they never deliver and they don’t even bother to answer any emails or calls or questions. They’re plain stealing from people like me. I’ve been trying to get a refund since November and I’m not the only one. Some people are trying to get refunded from orders placed in September.


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