Serial Actress Nakshathra Nagesh introduces her boyfriend Raghav on social media

Nkashathra Nagesh Boyfriend

An actress who is famous for starring in movies and TV series has introduced her boyfriend on her Instagram page and posted a photo taken with him. This photo is currently going viral

Actress Nakshatra Nagesh has acted in films including ‘Shut Up’, ‘Iron Horse’, ‘Indrajith’, ‘Mr. Local’ and TV series including ‘Roja’, ‘Minnalay’, ‘Nayagi’ and ‘Thirumagal’ It is noteworthy that he has also worked as a presenter on several shows.

It is noteworthy that Nakshatra has been gaining more and more fans day by day and more than a million followers on her Instagram.

In this position she is currently introducing her boyfriend. She posted ‘I was in my teens when we first met on Instagram when he told me about it on his Instagram. After that all my followers taught me a whole new world. I was nurtured by fans every day while I was very diligent in my career. Fans are my biggest strength. I will always be grateful for that. You have all become an irreplaceable part of my life
Nkashathra Nagesh Boyfriend
At this point I am happy to introduce my loved one to my little world. This is the person I love. ‘ It is worth noting that the photo shows Nakshatra with her boyfriend Ragha (Raghav) and the photo is currently going viral.


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