Sapna Choudhary dance for ‘Salet Barti’ song goes viral, asks this question to fanss

Sapna Choudhary

Haryanvi Dancer and Bigg Boss fame Sapna Choudhary dominate social media for some reason or the other. Through her dance, she has made a different identity in the whole country. Due to her tremendous dance moves, she keeps on getting many likes and views for her videos on social media.

Sapna Choudhary shared the dance video
Sapna Chaudhary’s dance shows are usually packed with crowds as the audience adores her moves. The Haryanavi Queen is currently releasing back-to-back super hit songs on social media as her dance shows are not happening due to lockdown. Once again, Sapna has surprised her fans through her dance. She has shared a video on her Instagram.

Sapna does not miss the opportunity to entertain fans
Sapna Choudhary does not miss the opportunity to entertain her fans. When the stage shows are closed due to the lockdown, she is seen dancing at home; Sapna is very active on social media and shares her photos and videos. She was seen dancing for the song ‘Slate-Barti.’

In the meantime, a video of Sapna Choudhary is trending on social media. Recently Sapna has shared a dance video where she is seen dancing vigorously on the ‘Slate-Barati’ song and showing great dance moves. While sharing the video, she wrote in the caption, ‘Who has eaten the lights in childhood?’

Fans are constantly praising
Talking about the outfit, she is seen in a black Kurti and looks very cute. The video is being liked a lot by fans. Many users reacted to the dance as entertainment. Fans are constantly praising Sapna. So far, more than 94 lakh people have watched this dance video.


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