Sanjeev meets these two contestants after eliminated from Bigg Boss 5 Tamil

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Sanjeev elimination

Everyone who watched yesterday’s show will know that Sanjeev was eliminated yesterday as a contestant from the Bigg Boss show. Kamal Haasan announced yesterday that Sanjeev would be evicted based on low votes as all the contestants were nominated in the Bigg Boss show.

Accordingly, it seems that Sanjeev, who left the Bigg Boss house yesterday, has met Varun and Akshara straight away. It is noteworthy that photos of it are going viral on websites.

It is noteworthy that Varun and Akshara were eliminated on the same day last Sunday and although Varun and Akshara were not available for the Bigg Boss title, the two are currently contracted to star in a film before the end of the Bigg Boss show.


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