‘Samayal Manthiram’ Girija Shree glamorous photos goes viral on social media

Girija Shree Samayal Manthiram

Young people who are in the habit of watching TV after 10 pm are not likely to be unaware of Girija Sri. It is noteworthy that she hosted a show that answers questions about sex from a doctor and was called ‘Samayal Manthiram.’ Girija Sri became famous through this show, and that she was also the subject of harsh criticism.

However, it is noteworthy that she hosted the show with the mindset that it was a medical event and did not criticize herself for its conversation and gave a detailed explanation of her participation in the show. She also mentioned that this show has freed many young people from the wrong path and that many women are proud to be blessed with motherhood.

Girija Sree, who recently got married to her long-time boyfriend, has posted photos of her glamorous romance with her husband on her social media page. It is worth noting that these photos are currently going viral on social media.
girija samayal manthiram


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