Salman khan’s controversial show Bigg Boss 13 is getting good trp this week, here’s why

paras mahira shehnaaz week 5 eliminaition

In the 46th week of 2019, Salman Khan’s show Bigg Boss 13 has secured the ninth position. These are the 7 reasons why this show has made its place in the TRP list this week.

Home fights
If seen, there have been many battles in the Bigg Boss house over the last few days. This week the housemates left no stone unturned.

Differences among Contestants
From Shahnaz Gill to Aarti Singh, there are many contestants in the house who are anti-party. Because of these, the show has become even more fun, as they oppose and contradict against each other.

Vishal created a stir in the house
Ever since Vishal Aditya Singh entered this house, it seems that all the contestants have woken up from sleep.

Contestants go to any extent for immunity power
Every week, all the contestants are seen trying hard for immunity power, due to which the game is starting to enjoy more.

Fun weekend
The way the housemates create a ruckus in the house throughout the week, people also eagerly wait for the weekend’s war. This is the reason that people watch this show very carefully throughout the week. The way Salman Khan conducts a class of people on Weekend War, people watch it with great fervor.

Interesting Tasks of Every Week
The interesting contestants coming from the wild card have brought a different charm to this show. Shefali Jariwala to Vishal Aditya Singh is one of the strongest contestants of the show. By the way, according to you, what are those things that have led to an increase in its TRP? Will definitely tell in the comment box.


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