Salman Khan not to take break with Bigg Boss 13’s Weekend Ka Vaar but this is how Rohit Shetty will play his part

bigg boss 13 salman khan weekend ka vaar

Today is the 54th birthday of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. Today has been a special day for Salman Khan. One was Salman Khan’s birthday, and there is a festive atmosphere in the house since morning, while on the other hand, Bhaijaan’s sister Arpita Khan Sharma has delivered her baby on the special birthday of Salman Khan. Arpita has given birth to a loving daughter on her borther Salman Khan’s birthday. Salman Khan is very happy with the arrival of niece on her birthday. It was for this reason that Salman Khan took a break from shooting Bigg Boss 13 and Salman Khan did not arrive for the episode of Weekend Kaar War of his TV realty show.

Meanwhile, there were reports in the media that Salman Khan would not be able to shoot this weekend’s War Ka and the makers have replaced Bollywood’s No.1 director Rohit Shetty. But now if we believe the latest report that has come out, this is not going to happen. With this new information, the fans of ‘Chulbul Pandey’ are going to swing happily.

Actually, if the entertainment portal Pinkvilla’s report is to be believed, the actor may not have arrived for the shooting today but he will definitely reach tomorrow for the shooting of this TV show. However, in the meantime, the makers have called Rohit Shetty to the house, who will play a special task with the family. The shooting of this episode has been done today.

Giving information, the source said, “Salman has not come for the shooting of Weekend Ka Vaar today. Superstars always take a break on their birthday and spend time with the family. Apart from this, his sister Arpita’s baby is also born, so he has not been able to come for shooting today. That is why the makers have called Rohit Shetty to the house. Who will get a special task done and make Friday’s episode fun. Salman Khan will shoot Weekend Ka Vaar tomorrow. ”So are you excited for these fun episodes too? Comment us and let us know.



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