Salman Khan family wants him to quit Bigg Boss 13 due to this reason


Bigg Boss 13 is incomplete without Salman Khan. This is the reason why, despite refusing lakhs, how come the makers do not bring Salman Khan to the stage of the show every time. Salman Khan has been associated with Bigg Boss for the last 10 years. Even though the members of the house fight a lot in the entire week, but only Salman Khan is on the weekend. The show gains the most TRPs on the weekend, as everyone comes to see Salman Khan only on these two days.

That thing is different, now this thing has started to knock Salman Khan’s family. This is the reason, the Salman Khan family wants him to leave the Big Boss. Yes, you heard it right…. In many media reports, it is being claimed that Salman Khan’s family is very worried about him.

Salman Khan’s health is being attributed to this problem. Parivara believes that due to constant anger in Bigg Boss, Salman Khan is facing a lot of problems. Actually, Salman Khan is struggling with the disease named Trigeminal Neuralgia. Due to this disease, there is pain in the nerves of his face. In such a situation, when Salman Khan gets angry on the sets of Bigg Boss, he has to face the untoward pain.

Having this pain again and again is affecting Salman Khan’s health. Many times the production house and the makers of the show have also been talked about, but the makers do not let Salman Khan go. Now everyone knows the importance of Salman Khan. At the moment, apart from Bigg Boss, Salman Khan is also busy in promotion of Dabangg 3. In such a situation, it can be very difficult for them. However, when Salman Khan will be a part of Big Boss, only Salman Khan can tell this. By the way, would you like to see Bigg Boss without Sallu Bhai, please share your views in the comment section below


  1. Never…….. Without Salman Bigg Boss won’t be interesting at all…. Please find some other way to tackle this situation…. But weekend Ka Vaar has to b with Salman khan k Saath????

  2. Dear Sir Salman,
    We are your die hard hard fans and of course of Sid and big boss. God will heal you. You have made an antic place in our hearts specially when Sat Sunday comes, we are eagerly waiting to see you no mater how hard we work for the full day we forget. You are a treasure, many times we feel very sorry for you coz of the rudeness of contestants they contribute and yet you bear everything. its not a piece of cake to handle contestants of in house + out house baseless reactions all have to face alone. We pray to god to heal and recover your soon. God bless you always. Keep healthy. Love and Prayers from Bahrain.

  3. Gali Gali mein Shor hai, BIGG BOSS CHOR HAI. MADARCHOD Bigg Boss is doing favouritism and support on that BEHANCHOD Siddarth and that MAA KA LAVADA Paras and that BHOSADIKI Mahira and CHINAL Shehnaz. That cock sucker Bigg Boss/ COLOURS Team motherfuckers / ENDOMOL cock suckers have only been favouring these 4 cunts. Even public vote has no value to them. What is the point of asking the public to vote when at the end of the day the fucker Bigg Boss twists and turns the scenario to his favour to try and stop his 4 bastards and citches frm getting nominated/evicted. BIGG BOSS go and suck your own dick and the dicks of your 4 cock suckers.

  4. Slman ko chor dana chiy k yeh bohat ghatia politics main pr chukr hy or slman k fans un ko iss politics ka hissa banty ni dakhna he should leave.

  5. You fool salman didn’t cheat it’s bigg boss who cheated and save paras madafaka from the eviction..Bigg boss showing that he is the main boss of that show even he don’t value the audience vote f*** this show

  6. Paise aith ne ka tareka. They want to charge more money for bigg boss 14. Let someone else host is for the next season and he will come to his senses

  7. Paise aith ne ka tareka. They want to charge more money for bigg boss 14. Let someone else host is for the next season and he will come to his senses. The games people play.

  8. Without Salman bhai the show needs to be shut we specially wait for weekend war to check the contestant get proper classes from bhai and do better during next week only and only bhai can do this

    • I don’t want him to do d show bcoz his health is most important.. I Love Salman ji alot n I want him to b fine… Love you Salman ji

  9. Yes please salman khan is an old bat with a bad rude attitude in the show it’s better without him. Big boss please change the host

  10. this season the reality is out, Big Boss is biased and so is Salman, he was flexing his muscles at the weekend and showing the world his temper, so why is party to saving Paras and Mahira time and time again. In addition to this, he is on international tv allowing two most ridiculous and uncooth individuals insult and belittle women. the way both of them are after Rashmi is totally uncalled for. To allow paras to ridicule her is even more degrading for Bigg Boss and team, which includes Salman Khan. he said he cares for Rashmi, so why are you Salman allowing that Goon Paras and Sidhant sp much power and making them privy to peoples confessions. do you bigg boss know and understand the meaning of confession. you allowed the two most disgusting individuals the privilege to listen to someone vote. this is supposed to be between BB and the person. I am very ashamed that women especially Rashmi is being picked on and that irritating Mahira is being saved time and time again by both BB, Sidhant and Paras and Salman. You guys should be shamed of yourselves, you are setting a very bad example of men belittling women.

  11. International viewer didn’t have a brain bc they were working very hard full day and write comment big way same on you international’s viewers

  12. Big boss is nothing without Salmaan Khan,
    We always look forward to see him in weekend ka waar.Also his health should be his priority too.

  13. mahira and shehnaz are the main problem of the bb13 if they leave main problem will be rid of,????.. shehnaz is just…….) mahira is the followr and the attention seeker’s of cameras ???? she doesn’t have any brain at all.. shehnaz is like cartoon???? joker she i think she needed to check up to physicallogical dc…

  14. None of the a** who have commented above have said a single thing about that co**su**ng, violent, perverted MF Asim. F**k knows how many times his nasty antics have been excused by Bigg boss but his dumb fuck MF fans can’t see that.
    If Sid did not befriend that asshole Asim, Asim would of been one of those idiots walking around in the background and evicted in a couple of weeks. Sid gave Asim such a big platform and made that MF Asim famous.
    Get that C**t Asim out


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