Sagar Surya Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 Contestant Wiki, Bio and Unknown Facts

Sagar Surya Bigg Boss Malayalam 5

The highly anticipated Bigg Boss Malayalam season 5 has finally kicked off, and fans are already hooked! Laletan himself introduced the contestants one by one, with some being familiar faces and others being fresh new talent. One such talented actor that has caught the audience’s attention is Sagar Surya, known for his standout role in Tattim Muttim.

Sagar Surya’s impressive acting skills and unique charm have already made him a fan favorite among the Bigg Boss Malayalam season 5 contestants. The actor has resigned from his job to pursue his passion for acting and has quickly made a name for himself in the industry. Sagar is set to make his debut in Saiju Kurup’s upcoming film, Upacharapurdi Gunda Jayan, and will also appear in Prithviraj’s film, Kuruthi.

However, despite his success, Sagar has recently faced a tragedy with the passing of his mother. Despite the hardship, the actor has remained determined and entered the Bigg Boss house with a positive attitude, even showing off his cool dance moves.

As the excitement builds, fans are already speculating who will come out on top as the winner of this season. Some are even questioning whether the popular contestant Akhil Marar has already secured the win through clever PR tactics.

With a diverse range of contestants and a fiery battle expected, Bigg Boss Malayalam season 5 is sure to be an exciting ride for viewers.


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