Rope ‘n’ Roll – An Addictive Game with Tips & Tricks


Rope ‘n’ Roll is a new casual game for IOS and Android by Crazy Labs, they’re known for their viral and hyper casual games. Rope ‘n’ Roll is trending in US Appstore market and sits at no. 3 in rankings among Top Apps and Games on App store. This game is kinda like connect the dots – but so much cooler. In this super fun and relaxing puzzle game, wrap your rope around the pegs to make an awesome picture. So many puzzles to solve, so many pictures to reveal.

Rope ‘n’ Roll Review

rock n roll
What we liked:
We love the concept and could spend hours playing, but there’s definitely room for improvement. It often wants me to wind the strings in a specific way, even when we can form the same shape by winding them in a slightly different way. It’s also difficult to hook the end on the right peg when there are two or more pegs right next to each other—maybe it’s easier on an iPad, but on an iPhone, it’s a bit frustrating. Besides that, it’s a fun game—simple but entertaining. The customizable colors, while limited, are really pleasing to the eye; and the graphics have just enough detail to not look flat, but not so much that it distracts from the gameplay itself. We do hope that you release more levels soon, though; it only took us a couple hours to finish the hundred in the gallery. Maybe a daily selection could keep things interesting? We recommend this games for young toddlers because it is easy and would be found interesting to them. But for us, our opinion is this game needs more fun features in it to make it more difficult and fun.

What we didn’t like:
This game frequently doesnt save your scores and forces ads every 10 seconds, pretty much unplayable. We only made it to level 5 before i got fed up with 30 second ads every 10 seconds l, very disappointed.



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